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I joined last Monday but only weigh myself on a Tuesday. I'm so chuffed that I've lost 1.3kg's and even more impressed with the 1.5inch loss from my waist in my 1st week. I've been on the 5.2 diet for 2yrs as it worked for the 1st year but 2nd year I gained some weight back as without the wedding to work towards my motivation swayed. I'm now combining the 5.2 and the 12 week plan to encourage better choices when I'm not fasting. I don't feel like I've been overly restrictive but focusing on getting my 5 a day has really helped. Let's hope the next 11 weeks continue with similar success and I can finally gain a better attitude to food.


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7 Replies

  • You're doing a great job, jonuts, well done you! :)

    I'd be delighted to give you your newbie badge and will be even more delighted to swap it for a 5kg badge, in the very near future :)

    Keep up the good work :)

  • Hi I think the12 week plan has changed my attitude towards foods so hopefully will help you too.

    A 1.5" waist loss is fab 😊 bet you are so pleased good luck for next week.👍😊

  • Unfortunately this week not so good but 2 nights out explain the issues. I managed more exercise but it's all about what you put in, with nearly 500 calories more this week than last and missing a fasting day it's not surprising I put an inch back on my waist. Weight stayed the same and am now more determined than ever to safely shift that inch and keep it off.

  • Hi jonuts if you click on today's weigh in thread on the right of the screen you can put your weight on today. Sorry if you have already done it. What diet are you doing? the 5/2 to have fasting days. I need to change something I keep staying the same which is hard when you are hungry and not the best emotionally.

  • The weigh in is full for today I thought? Yes I've been doing the 5/2 for 2yrs, 1st year lost 6kg but last year without a wedding to focus on I lost motivation. I ate so badly on my none fasting days that I put some of the weight back on. Now I'm focusing on getting my 5 a day and getting more exercise. Health is more important to me so the loss off my waist is more important than the weight. I would recommend the 5/2, the 1st week is the hardest then you become use to it. Now I can eat nothing until 7-8pm then eat my 500 calories so I don't go to bed hungry. Good luck if you decide to try it.

  • Thank you and good luck to you too😊👍

  • So improvement this week, a further 1.1kg's lost plus the inch I gained on my waist last week has gone again. All in all I've lost 2.4kg + 2 inches in 3 weeks, I even found swimming 1km in 25mins so much easier today. Although I can't say hockey training tonight will be any easier after being frozen out for the last few weeks. Not sure whether it's the lower weight or the more exercise i've been doing that's made the difference. Either way I'm very chuffed and motivated to keep going to get my 5kg badge.

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