Sirt food diet and 8 hour diet

Has anyone tried the sirt food diet or the 8 hour diet. I'm not one for fad diets but feel like I need to follow something other than just calorie counting calories to get me back in the swing of things after Christmas. I start my day well and then it goes a bit pear shaped at night at the moment.

would love to know if anyone's tried these and how you got on.


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7 Replies

  • Haven't done those but I am on paleo and I love it. Carbs were my downfall so by saying no (apart from fruit, veg) is working really well) I was 22 stone 1lb on 24th October. Today I weigh 19 stone 4. I have never lost weight so well. I am also exercising. I did put weight on when I stopped for a few days at Christmas and new year but it came back off really fast. I would recommend it to anyone especially if you don't like calorie counting.

  • That's great. Thanks for your reply. Carbs definitely don't fit with me too well either. Think I just need to plan my meals out so I'm not grabbing something. I lost almost 2 stone last year then put about 1/2 stone back on over Christmas but struggling to get back into things again.

  • They're both restrictive diets. You need to decide if they suit you and your life style. Perhaps try them for a while?

    Something like the 5:2 diet could give you a quick start?

  • I follow a portion counted plan very similar to this one ☺

    I like to know i am getting a good balance ☺

  • Thanks. I think I'm just going to have to be strict with myself again...Christmas has thrown me a bit. I'm down to about 1300 cals per day on mfp and struggling to keep to it especially with the cold weather. X

  • Hi. I am maintaining my weight and the only way I find that works for me is the 16:8 diet. Loosely, I don't eat breakfast and don't eat after dinner at night, so effectively fast from 7 pm (ish) until 12.30 the next day. I do not miss breakfast and find this works for me. I have a lightish lunch and a "normal" dinner and pudding. I am trying to cut down on alcohol because I find it doesn't make me feel good, so try not to drink. It is normal for me to not eat breakfast now and very rarely do I have anything before lunchtime. My weight is quite stable at 10st 5 (I am 5ft 8). If I go out in the evening or for dinner I eat what I want, although I do like healthy food anyway, and drink alcohol if I want to, but on normal work days try to be fairly sensible. Hope this helps. PS I also weigh myself nearly every day - basically I break all the dieting rules, but as I say, it works for me. If I stop weighing myself, I can get a bit complacent and it is too easy to put 4 or 5 lbs on.

  • Thanks Sue-S. I weigh myself nearly every day too. I find it keeps me in check. Did you lose weight using 16:8 too? I think I really just need to pull my socks up again and get on with things. Been a bit 1/2 hearted since Christmas.

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