A long journey towards healthy weight - Second week review 09/01/2017-14/01/2017

A long journey towards healthy weight - Second week review 09/01/2017-14/01/2017

Hi everyone,

Hope you've been enjoying your weekend! As usual, I've been busy. I have a good result to report, second week weight loss: 0.9 kg:). Better than I expected, l have to admit I did wonder whether I had done enough to achieve my target weight loss. So what I have done right this week

1. My water intake has been good, out of 6 days, I have 5 days reached my target, 1.2 liter a day, some time 1.5 L. To make it more interesting, I drink water with a slice of lemon. Herbal tea is my friend, too. At the moment, I like Australian red bush tea. I cope with those cold winter nights by having warm tea (no sugar, just a bit milk) and a hot water bottle:).

2. Thanks to this forum, all of you, I think I have become a bit more informed and conscious about cooking methods, counting calories and making healthier choices. I now definitely steam more, bake more, and stir fry less. When I do fry, I use a table spoon to limit the amount of oil I put in there, so I don't put too much oil in it ( I used to always put too much oil for stir fry).

I was also a bit shocked to learn that 1/2 of my pepperoni pizza has 422 kcal! I mean, I should expect it right? While always read food labels to avoid unnecessary additives, I didn't really pay attention to my food's calories till recently. I used to eat a whole super market pizza, which is just the convenience I need when I don't have time to cook dinner ( i already cook dinner most nights). I certainly still need to give myself a break from cooking sometimes, but I won't have a whole pizza that's for sure.

Things I have struggled with

1. Fruit and veggie intake. Until I have things written down, I wasn't aware that I actually take less fruit and veggie that I need. out of 6 days, only 2 days I reached my 5 a day target. I'll definitely stick to the advice of 2 portions of veggie on dinner plate next week!

2. Exercise. To be honest, I am not a sporty person. I can be competitive, but I am not naturally sporty. If anything I have learnt over the years, it is to pick the activity I enjoy, so it'll last. I don't like running or jogging. I love the scene people out jogging in the morning, feel so positive about it, but I know myself is not a runner or jogger.

I actually like going to gym but I don't have time to fit regular gym workout in my busy life at the moment. So brisk walking is my thing at the moment. I planned to walk my son to nursery, but with the snow and road condition I had to abandon buggy walk for car. So I came up with an alternative plan, snowball fight with my son:). I'm glad I've done 120 minutes of moderate exercise so far this week (more swimming tomorrow). But I am far from being a motivated person when it comes to exercise.

So what's my plan next week:

1. Happy to say I've planned my meals and done my weekly shopping with my son. A lot of healthy choices and wholemeal bread (still a bit too much white carb this week). Things don't always go according to plan I know, but it's better to have a plan than not having one in my opinion.

2. Downloaded strength training podcast, will report how it goes (hard to fit in my already tight schedule but I'll write it down it my diary so I don't make excuses). But I'm looking forward to do more strength and flexibility training to address my back pain issue.

3. Will check your posts about exercise to get inspired and take action!

Good luck to all! Wish you a great week ahead!

Jane x


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8 Replies

  • Good morning happyhealthyjane

    I'm very happy to hear that you are doing so well ☺ You are making lots of very positive changes. It takes time to create all the right eating habits and you are doing very well, there is so much to learn at the beginning ☺ Remember it's ok to have a small amount of things we love as long as we include the calories ☺

    I'm with you on the exercise, but as you get slimmer and fitter you enjoy it more ☺

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Anna! Being part of this forum definitely helps me with the progress. The sense of community makes helps me stay on track, knowing I'm not alone, knowing I can always get inspiration here and be of a source of support to others is a great feeling:) and yes I don's ban any food from my menu. I'm the kind of person if someone's tells me I can't help it, it only makes me want it more! Had a gin and tonic, some crisps and meaty snack last night. Actually enjoy my drink more when I can just take my time!

  • Same here ☺ somehow having smaller amounts makes you really savour the food ☺

    Sorry if I've already asked but would you like a newbies badge? Also do you take part in the weekly weigh ins?

  • Went a swim today, not a good swimmer at all, but like the feeling it gets your heart pumping faster, that workout feeling.

    Yes I'd like a newbie badge:) About the weekly weigh in, how does it work? On what days do you do weigh in? at the moment I do it on Saturday, my day off.

  • Hello again happyhealthyjane

    I know what you mean about the post-workout buzz ☺ it's great isn't it?

    There will be a weigh in next Saturday, just post your weight in the 'reply' bit ☺ The weigh-in threads are posted 6 days a week and are 'events' which appear on the 'home' page (the one with the strawberries). They will either be to the right of your screen if you are using a laptop, or right at the end (if you scroll all the way down to the bottom) of the screen on a mobile or tablet. I hope that makes sense!!! ☺

    I will sort out your newbies badge right away ☺

    Have good week ☺

    Best wishes


  • Perfect, will join the weigh in next Saturday! Makes me a bit nervous, but that's another thing keep me going! x

  • Nice post Jane !

    Have a lovely week too xx 🍉🍇🍓🍍

  • Thanks! Have a good week, too :) xx

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