I need to eat more!

Now there's something I don't think I've ever said about myself. But, having followed a link from another post, I discovered coachcalorie.com and Tony Schober. I was working on a limit of 1400 (but often being lower than that) but he says I should be eating 1600. It was quite a shock, but the information makes complete sense.

So now I need to find healthy ways to increase my daily intake - I'm thinking more lean meat. Has anyone any other suggestions?


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13 Replies

  • What a nice dilemma!

    The mighty calorie is not equal - as long as you try to stick to quality, nourishment giving calories it should be quite easy to try some new foods!

    I have tried a couple of recipes - I cannot find a website for them, but they have really good videos on Facebook and youtube. The only problem is you have to work out the calories yourself - which isn't too hard if you have a guide.

    Some lovely ideas though:


  • Thanks, I'll take a look.

  • Morning Cavaco Sometimes it does take a while to work out the calories you have in order to lose weight. I myself started at 1400 like you and found it was not enough, then increased it to 1600 which I found too much, finally I settled at 1500. I lose a average of 1-2lbs a week with this.

    Do you have any snacks during the day? If not try introducing 2 healthy snacks, one mid morning and one either in the afternoon or evening. I have things like fruit or yogurt.

    It may take you a few weeks to settle into what suits you but you will get there. Hope this helps and have a good week.


  • thanks for your suggestions. I have already added an apple and a banana as my snacks. I don't want to add more snacks as I need to have a clear meal plan - otherwise I will find an excuse to snack all day long.

    Interesting to hear that I'm not the only one who's not eating enough.

  • Sounds like you have it sorted well done. It does take some of us longer to settle into the 12 week plan but once your there it works really well.

  • I like planning :)

  • If I had extra calories to use I'd have a few nuts or seeds as they're so good for you but so high in calorie I can never bring myself to have them often! :)

  • Thanks - unfortunately I don't like nuts or seeds. I was vegan for a while but had to give up as there were too many healthy foods that I don't like.

  • Ah I'd love to not enjoy them, maybe then they wouldn't be so moreish! :)

    If you're not wanting to snack more, and just want to increase you're calories rather than your food, could you swap to using some full fat ingredients (assuming of course you use thinks like low calorie cooking spray, low fat yoghurt etc). Using full fat versions of things you are currently having would easily increase calories without forcing yourself to eat more :) and all I hear lately is about how full fat things aren't the devil I was lead to believe they were! Just an idea :)

    Otherwise I suppose you could just increase your portion sizes slightly? :)

  • Good idea - especially re portion size. Thanks. And you're right about fat - apparently it's not the devil after all.

  • I should clarify - I like nuts if they are dry roasted, are served in the pub, and accompany my G&T! So I'm not that picky :)

  • I love avocado pears; chopped on salads or mashed with pepper and lemon juice and spread on toast work. I also love lumps of cheese with apples and grapes as a sort of mini-meal. I also like a shot of rum in my coffee in the evenings if calories allow and I'm feeling a little rebellious! x

  • ooh, a rum shot sounds good.

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