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Me and hubby - weight loss update

So one reason I joined this forum was my own weigh loss goal (a measly 9lb), also to look for inspiration to help my husband who hates his weight and finally to help others if I felt like I could.

Since 1st January I have gone from 10st 9lb to 10st 3.2lb (which I know sounds like a lot, but probably a lot to do with just evacuating my insides, since I think I was quite literally full of ****!!!). I've been eating/drinking far more healthily, keeping track of what I put in my mouth and staying active (training for a half marathon with a bruised coccyx - eek!).

Hubby has done so awesomely I'm incredibly proud of him. He's a carb addict, snacker, midnight muncher, leftover eater... He's cut his snacking (helped that I showed him the credit card bill of his "pit stops" at service stations for snacks (which was not the easiest thing I've ever done as he is a sensitive soul)), he's stopped drinking entirely (was having a beer or two every evening) - the only exception was his birthday on 4th when he got a little tipsy! He's 6ft 2ins and has dropped from 20st 3lb on 1st January to 19st 8lb today! What a star :)

I got a new fitbit for Christmas, so he has my old one. He's trying to reach 10,000 steps per day. He's also a drummer, so trying to get in half an hour+ of practice per day as it's a proper cardio workout!

Thanks for reading


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Wow, well done to Mr Sophie!

And to you.


You are both doing so well. I love my Fitbit - keeps me moving!

Look forward to hearing more of your progress :)


Fantastic ☺ you are both doing so well ☺

Are you following a specific plan? I'm a carb lover also and use wholemeal versions, also use a lot of vegetarian recipes as I can skip the meat quite happily ☺

Good luck and best wishes


well done both of you! great that you are there to motivate each other.


Fantastic for both of you! :)


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