Healthy Snacks for Weight Loss

So I've been trying to eat healthy for a few months now, and I'm now 32lbs lighter than I was at the start of my journey. I've also managed to make it through the festive period without gaining any extra pounds thanks to careful snacking. I initially started off only eating three square meals a day, but I've found that going without snacks altogether actually has a negative impact on my weight loss, so I started eating low-calorie but filling snacks between meals, and since then I've seen the pounds starting to fall away!

I thought I'd share a list of my favourite snacks in the hope that it might help other people who are looking for healthier options to tackle the munchies.

1) Smoothies - my best buy at the start of my journey was my MagiMax blender. The top draw of my freezer is full of little sandwich bags containing sliced banana and berries or other frozen fruits. A splash of fruit juice, a spoon of fat-free yoghurt or almond milk and one of those little bags will give me a refreshing and vitamin-packed snack at about 150cals.

2) Popcorn - You can buy the already-popped variety, but I often found these very calorific due to added flavours/fats and quite high in salt. Instead I take a heaped tablespoon of unpopped kernels, put them in a pan on medium heat with a tiny bit of coconut oil, and wait a couple of minutes for the magic to happen. This will give a generous bowlful of popcorn at only about 100cals. Afterwards I might add cinnamon, or a light drizzle of honey, or a very sparing amount of marmite, or nutritional yeast (a healthy sort of cheese flavouring you can buy at health shops), or sometimes as a treat a teaspoon of Nutella.

3) Banana ice cream - It tastes just as good as the real stuff, but with less than half the calories. I stick a couple of frozen bananas in my blender or food processor and blitz for 1 minute. I can flavour it with vanilla, mint, frozen berries (my favourite) or even carob/cacao powder to make chocolate ice cream with minimal sugar content. Very healthy snack that feels like an indulgent treat, works great as a dessert replacement too.

4) Toasted chickpeas - A great alternative to crisps or salted nuts when you're craving a savoury snack. Just get a can of chickpeas and drain/rinse them in a sieve. Then pat dry with some paper towels and pop them in a sandwich bag with a bit of coconut oil or a tiny bit of sunflower oil and give it a good shake to coat. Toss in some salt and peper, or paprika, or any other flavour or spice that you prefer (low sodium flavourings are pretty easy to come by these days) and give it another shake. Put it on a baking tray lined with baking paper and toast in the oven at 210 degrees for about 35-40 minutes then allow to sit for 5. A great, crunchy snack! They also store well once cooled, you can keep them in a tupperware box for several days and they'll taste just as good!

5) Celery/carrot sticks and dip - I often go for this as my morning snack when I'm at home. Hummus is my favourite dip, but there are loads of options. Just be careful to look at the back of the packet, because some can be as unhealthy as mayonnaise!

6) Snack a Jacks - For when you don't want to have to make something from scratch, these rice cakes a great healthy alternative. They come in all sorts of flavours, and you can buy savoury single-size snack packs to replace crisps or the 'Jumbo' size packs of large rice cakes, normally with sweet flavours. The chocolate chip flavour, which I have as a treat when I want something sweet, is only 62cals per jumbo rice cake! And two of those, at 124cals, feels a lot more filling than a bag of crisps might.

Of course there's always fruits or chopped veggies as a good snack option, but those are some of my personal favourites. I'd love to hear if anyone else has any snack ideas/recipes to share!

Sparkles xxxx

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17 Replies

  • Wow!! Thanks, Sparkles, for all those ideas. I love the idea of banana ice cream 🤗

  • Some great snack ideas thanks sparkles going to try the chickpea recipe as I have a savoury tooth & really miss my crisps have a great weekend 😀

  • :-) liking the popcorn plan:-) and encouraged/impressed by your 32 pound loss

  • Thank you! <3

  • This is a terrific post, Sparkles, but I'm sad to say that you haven't put it into the Recipes/Meals/Snacks Topic, so it will be very difficult for people to find after today.

    Would you mind, very much, editing it, so that it finds it's rightful place, for all to see? :)

  • Thank you :) And oops! What topic do I need to change it to?

  • When you edit, right at the bottom, under where it says Add Photo, it says Add Topic. Click on that and scroll down to Recipes/Meals/Snacks, click the box, then click on Done. Your post will then be available to anyone looking for ideas in that Topic :)

  • When I went to edit, it seems to already be in the Recipes/Meals/Snacks topic - is there another way of tagging that I haven't done?

  • Well that's very strange! Did you put it there originally? Maybe the site's experiencing a bit of a delay, because it's there for me now! Curiouser and curiouser! :o

  • I think I did tag the topic when I posted, but you're right in that it hadn't appeared in the right sub-topic page until just now. How strange! Must just be a site glitch. Still, thanks again for your input! <3

  • I thought I was needing a trip to Specsavers, or a booking with the men in white coats! :D

  • Nakd bars, medjool dates, proper popcorn if like me you don't make delicious snacks.

  • Which you are obviously not!

  • I do love Naked protein bars/snacks, they're super tasty! I've made my own energy balls before, but they're never as good lol. x

  • Really interested to try the chickpea one, does it keep you full for a while?

  • I wouldn't say these snacks make you "full", but they do keep you satisfied until it's time for a meal. And there's no harm in pairing it together with something else - a piece of fruit or some veggie sticks and a bowl of roasted chickpeas might satisfy you better than one or the other on their own. :)

  • I like your suggestions I struggle to find tasty low fat low calorie snacks like the sound of chickpeas as I love Bombay mix so doing these with chilli powder will give nearly the same flavour

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