Size 12 jeans!

I only own two pairs of jeans! It used to be one but it was really difficult to wash and dry them in a day if they got dirty. One pair have gotten a bit too big, so I went into next to replace them, as I like their high waist, shape enhancing jeans. I managed to get the size 12 buttoned up and on!!! They are still pretty tight, but I would get away with them right now with a big jumper or loose top. I know next is a bit generous with its sizing, but I see this as getting into the top end of the 12s! This is especially good as I have 4 pairs of old jeans just waiting to fit me! I will have doubled my wardrobe without spending any money!

And I am only one lb off my second goal of 11st 4, which was my pre-baby weight. Happy, happy, happy!!


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  • That's one of the things that I love about having lost weight, everything in my wardrobe fits me again and I'm not thinking is this a bit too tight, do I look right in this?! so, well done you!

  • Thanks Caz28! I have a whole wardrobe of clothes under my bed, that I would like to get back out in the next year!

  • that's great motivation!

  • Especially my gremlins tshirt. It says don't feed me after midnight, which I feel might be useful advice for others when I'm out....

  • Me too - hopefully will fit into most by summer. X

  • Well done you

    Onwards and downwards to doubling your wardrobe :)

  • Only another 7lbs (ish) till some of them will be comfortable!

  • Great news, lismcl! Well done you! :)

    I am currently managing with just 1 pair of size 14 jeans, but I have 2 pairs of size 12's grinning at me in the wardrobe! I can't wait to be able to wear them!

    Here's to the next 1lb and then on to the jeans being comfortable, or baggy! :)

  • I'm glad it's not just me with one pair of jeans! Most people think I'm mad!!

  • There's no way that I'm going to buy another pair of 14's, when I want to be a size 12! I might start getting complacent if things are made easier! :D

  • Exactly!

  • Well done you, nothing like fitting into a smaller size to spur you on. Congratulations.

  • I am borderline 10st 7lb. if I go over that I can't button my clothes so need to lose half a stone, started at 11st 4lb. but now struggling

  • I'm 11st 4 at the moment and the 12s are on! If I was your weight, I'd probably fit into most of my 12s though. Can't wait! Just focus on each lb at a time and take each day as it comes and try not to think about the whole 7lbs at once.

  • I'm pear shaped with a size 12 top. It's the bum and tum that's the problem. Do the exercises but it doesn't seem to work on my tum. Diet does seem to work on my rear though. If I lose weight too quickly it goes from my top half, so have to take it slowly.

  • I know exactly what you mean - I'm pear shaped too and my bust puts me as a 10, but my waist is more a 16! It's taking the longest to go!

  • I know! I've finally motivated myself enough to make and drink a healthy juice! I've been planning to do that for about 3 weeks!!

  • That kept happening to me yesterday, Jenever! :o

    I just deleted the extra! :D

  • That's brilliant! Well done you! A great encouragement to me. I'm 12st 11lb (just lost 3lb) and realistically a 16 but most my clothes are 14 and a few 12s. I want to get into a 12 or even a size 10. Thanks for the encouragement!

  • I started off at that weight and was also a 16, been a 14 for ages now and finally breaking into the 12s. It's been a long time coming and it's been hard at times, but finally getting there! And you will too!

  • Any tips or thoughts about your journey? How long has it taken? What's gone we'll or not so we'll or things you'd change? X

  • It's taken me 3 months to lose 16lbs, the other 5lbs came off slowly earlier in the year, when I was trying to lose weight but not being very committed to it.

    Things that have gone well: soup for lunch on work days! I take a pot of Aldi soup virtually every day, different flavours to mix it up and that keeps me pretty full in the afternoon. Walking at lunchtime too - I get 30 minutes a day that way, although not easy if I'm also trying to eat and I often eat at my desk.

    I bought a Fitbit and this has been great for keeping me on track and increasing my steps. I am addicted to it and it also tracks my sleep. Best £90 I ever spent!

    Other things I did: mostly quit coke. I wasn't drinking loads of it, maybe a can a day, but I'm now down to about a can a fortnight instead.

    Things that haven't gone so well. Finding the time to get proper cardio in - my five year old makes that tricky, but we have been slowly kitting our garage out with gym gear and so it's much easier to nip out the back for 20 minutes to run, than get out to the gym. That said, I love my weekly Zumba class.

    I've been pretty much in the zone since October, even over Christmas, but I do worry what will happen when I hit a plateau or lose my mojo!

  • Congratulations and what great motivation that is.

  • Thanks - you've done pretty amazing yourself! Your stats in the last post are incredible!

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