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Day 4 ... Nothing is going to rain on my parade!

Raining all day here in Manchester! (gazing out through the office window)

Normally I would comfort eat and have a biscuit or some chocolate but I have so far resisted the urge. (Giving myself a pat on the back for that one.)

I've eaten some fruit and a feta cheese and chicken salad - which was yummy, over did it on the portion though and now I feel stuffed - (not a good feeling) so I went for a 15min brisk walk after lunch with my brolly which seems to have helped!

Struggling a bit with portion control at lunch time as all my tupperware seems far too big now I'm eating smaller meals and the correct portions!

Any tips on weighing out / guessing salad leaves / lettuce portions ?

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You can have as much green stuff as you can eat - very few calories in that! Just go easy on the carbs and sweet things. Fatty foods like cheese and meat should be weighed to control portion sizes, but do fill that bowl with salad!

Well done for resisting the chocolate by the way...that's the way to go!


Next time think i'll try just the cheese or the chicken and not have both.

Is there a recommend amount in (grams) of cheese / chicken in salads that you know of?

Thank-you for the advice and support DartmoorDumpling :)


Look at calorie counting apps available - they do all the work for you. MyfitnessPal is a free one and very popular. Also there is Nutracheck which costs £7.99 a month but is a very helpful site with lots of recipes etc.

As an example; Cheddar cheese is 42 calories for a 10gm slice, and chicken breast is 157calories for 100gms.

As a rough idea, you could aim to allow around 300 calories for your breakfast, 500 for lunch and 500 calories for your dinner, with a 100 or 200 for snacks or drinks.

Another popular method is to look at the NHS 12 week program - see the welcome newbies pinned post.

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ahhh this makes sense!

Thanks so much for all your help x


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