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Hi All,

Joined in September and then with one thing and another, haven't been able to get here. Its a New Year and time to take stock and get in control. I have been reviewing my weightloss for the last 2 years (with a club) and find after an initial period of loss I now weigh exactly the same as when I started!! (tho am £'s lighter). The leader whilst friendly and enthusiastic seems to be brushing this under the carpet telling me. you've lost weight before, the plan works, stick with it. So although doing a beautiful job of maintaining but not actually losing, it obviously isn't working for me. I think my problem is portion control so time to give calorie counting a go, not something I have tried before as its always seemed a lot of weighing and measuring when trying to cater for a family. I shall try to get here every day to support other people too. Any tips would be appreciated.

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Agree try new ways but don't give up as your trainer says but agree with you that new ideas. I have found that trying new ideas all the time keeps me maintaining and losing over last two years. I found the blood sugar diet book really good as it really helped me understand the health issues and motivate me as I have children whereas I tried to lose weight more for how I looked. See what works for you and motivates you. So much on iTunes and keep talking to us and this equally helps me just replying to you. Keep believin... 😊

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Thank you Manjeet14. I started yesterday and had what I think is a good day, I checked out the calorie recommendation/BMI yesterday which seems quite a lot, so aimed for the lower amount, looked everything up and wrote it all down. So far, so good............


Hello Hidden ☺ Happy New Year and welcome back to the forum ☺ Have you signed up for the 12 week plan? The weekly emails are very useful ☺

With regards to counting calories and feeding a family, I count for the whole dish then work out per portion. There is no need to cook separate meals ☺ You are probably right about portion control, that is the downfall of many of us ☺

Best wishes


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Thank you Anna. Happy New Year to you too. Where do I sign up for the 12 week plan? You are right, I think if I was eating differently to the rest of the family my resolve would crack, so reading some of the posts on here think I might treat myself to the hairy dieters book and get some ideas ready counted, then go from there adapting my own recipes. I did write everything down yesterday going for the lower amount recommended for my BMI as the top figure seemed quite a lot. I booked a holiday yesterday for September, so hopefully that will add incentive.

Best wishes to you too



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