Tried everything else!

Hi I'm new here. I have tried lots of diets in the past, but nothing seems to shift it for good. Not weighed myself this side of Christmas, but I suspect i'm around 13 stone which means I am a size 16 in denial (squeezing into size 14!). I am 5ft 3, and my goal weight would be 10st (size 10?) or 10 st 7lb, ((size 12?) I really want 2017 to be the year of change. I have a 3 year old daughter who is amazing, a lovely husband, a job I love and a faith in God. So I am feeling blessed. But I have really poor health, with migraines and asthma, and I am unfit with a high BMI which effects my confidence. I am 34yrs old and live in the centre of England. I would love some support or friends through this journey. Is there an app for this forum, or a good social network/support app? I know I am much stronger with a support network where I can share what I am eating/doing and be encouraged. I am a good encourager to others too! But I am trying to use less Facebook this year!


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  • loosingit2017 on the left you can read the posts for Newbies. The new plan on this group is that anybody can comment and we don't have a hierarchy. As far as I know there isn't an app. I also read a lot on the thread: hints and tips. Maybe there is hopefully someone thats longer on the group will reply.

    If you are posting here it will be a great start. We have a Monday Weigh-in where you tell everybody how you did the previous week.

    I learned a lot on this site and when I want to grab something in the fridge I log in and read the posts. šŸ˜‰Goodluck on your journey!

  • Thanks for the tips. I've downloaded and printed the 12 wk plan and using myfitnesspal to log everything which is great.

  • Hi Losingit2017 and welcome to the forum. This is a fantastic community and we all support each other; just keep posting. If you haven't already read it there is a Welcome Newbies post in the pinned section on the right of the screen and the NHS 12 week plan is fantastic as is the BMI calculator where you can work out your recommended calorie range. There is a weigh in thread on a Monday (in the Events Section on the right of the screen).

    There is so much that I learned from other members of the community and if you have a question there is usually someone who knows the answer.

    I had to smile at your post, because I am pretty much in the same dress size and same BMI as you are now but I've lost almost 5 stone now to get here and so my confidence is so high it's unbelievable! Funny old world isn't it? Let's join forces and ditch that last couple of stones together!

    Good luck x

  • Thanks for the encouragement. Well done on your weight loss journey so far! My sister was in size 20+ and lost loads to get to a size 14-16 and was so delighted (and she looked amazing!!). So I know it's all relative. But I know for me I'm too big, too unhealthy and it's making me too unhappy. It'll be great to have s buddy along the way!

  • I'm in exactly the same boat!

    Squeezing into a size 14 after Christmas... noway i'm buying bigger clothes, need to get this weight shifted for good! Lots of diets just haven't worked for me in the past but I've got a good feeling about this one as its more of a healthy lifestyle than a fad!

    Also trying to use less social media as I think it makes me feel worse about myself, then I give up!

    Going to up my exercise too... starting tonight by walking up and down the stairs to my flat for 30mins, see if I live through it! lol.

    Good Luck with your journey xx

  • Thanks for the encouragement. Let's smash this!!

  • beccybabs90 , so glad you also think this about the social media. I stopped and I also deleted all the games on my tablet because it feed my couch time. Being a limited time on digital media keeps me active.

  • I like your idea here!

    Might start limiting myself to a certain amount of time on the tablet in the evening.

  • Any of u using myfitnesspal that'd like to befriend me I'm holdingontohope

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