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New and determined

I keep promising myself to do something about my weight, then lapse back into the old bad habits - so here I am trying something new with witnesses to keep me going!

I pledge to eat less and better

I pledge to drink more water and less wine

I pledge to build up to more walks (15,000 steps a day will be my target - currently managing about 9000)

I pledge to lose 20Kgs and 2 dress sizes by the summer (todays start weight 92kg)

I pledge to take more time for myself even if this means I have to say No to other people

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hello janettel and welcome to the forum. Those are excellent pledges. One of the best pieces of advice I received on here was to set small goals - thinking about total weight loss can be very overwhelming. 1 lb at a time is how I try to go :) Have you looked at the Welcome Newbies post on the pinned posts on the right hand side of the screen - it has lots of helpful advice about how to use the site and links to the NHS 12 week plan which many of us have used with great success. I wish you luck and determination :)

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Great pledges and inspiring determination. Good luck for 2017!

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