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Entirely up to ME!!

Hi Everyone, and a Happy and Healthy New Year to you All! I’m a Newbie so here's a bit about me. I had an accident at work in April, was dismissed for medical inefficiency in July from a job that I absolutely loved, weight was 13 stone 10lb, recovered from injury by August so ate as felt so worthless and sorry for myself, and now I need to pull myself together in body as well as mind. So, here's my stats and today’s weight. Age 47, height 5 foot 4, totally inactive, weight 15 stone 4lb, BMI 36.7 and obese, recommended weight loss required 6 stone 3lb to put me mid range. Wowsers!!! Don’t know if I need to be 9 stone 1lb as recommended because as a skinny size 12 (OK so that was back in the ‘90’s) I was 11 stone 7lbs, but will see………! However, if I stick in, it works out at less than 2lbs per week - sounds easy so why isn’t it as easy as it sounds! Also starting NHS downloads for Couch to 5k again on Mon, Wed and Fri, and Strength and Flex or Pilates on Tues and Thurs, and weekends will be whatever fits around family. May as well use the time spent at home usefully not uselessly. Going to measure myself, and my black lab too as he’s become a little portly since last April. So ‘This Time Next Year’ (well by Christmas actually because what a present to give to myself) I want to have a job, be able to run 5k or more with my dog, and have shed at least 4 stone. At least 2 of those are totally in my hands………xx

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Hi Anewme, welcome to the forum. Please see the link below for some helpful tips on where to start:


Admin is currently changing on the site but this gives you a starting point plus there will hopefully be a weekly weigh in and some fun challenges as well.

Everyone on here is lovely and supportive. It sounds like you are ready to make really positive changes which is a huge part of the battle.

Good luck!

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Hi and welcome to this friendly forum 😊

I too found myself way too fat last May after a many emotional/family problems still not sorted but neatly arranged in workable boxes in my day now.

I too am a Labrador owner plus a little Beagle/lab cross both extreamly greedy and needing to loose a pound or two.

My advice after you have familiarised yourself with the forum is to set small goals, even weekly ones whatever suits you. Secondly when it comes to where you want to be I believe your body will find its own level I started at 17.1 and am aiming for 4.5 stone first which will take me to 12.8 then I will see how I get on from there. Sometimes the guidelines are too light/thin for us and we look more ill than healthy. I think you will know when you are feeling fitter and at your happiest weight.

Good luck for the first week Bev 👍😊


Thanks Bev, I love nipping around the forum seeing what others like me are up to, and getting hints and tips. It's nice to feel part of something. SW and WW not for me, can't do with the happy clapping, but the forum looks like it'll be a big pat on the back in a kind of secretive way...xx

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I'm imagining you and the lab going for some long healthy walks to get fitter.

My advice is not to think about the 6 stone 3lbs at all. Just focus on a mini goal - maybe 7lbs - so that you can feel really pleased with yourself for achieving that. Then set a new goal. I need to lose about 5 stone - but that is just 7lbs several times!


Thanks Grannynise, yup 7lbs is a starter for ten! Looking forward to being in the 14 stone bracket. My black lab Winston would follow me to the ends of the earth so we will indeed have good long walks...xx

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