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Went for my walk

I am feeling better now less cravings. I bundled myself up this morning and went to the gym. I almost didn't go for the walk but thank goodness to the 2 repliers I went and I walked my bum off And then I went to my appointment this afternoon which went well and had a nice chat with my friend that drove me .. You hear get out and clear your head and believe me I feel so much better that I did get out today.. Now for example I can see the big picture like today. I am a slow learner But I get so wrapped up in my cravings I can't see for rational thinking and tell myself STOP . I cannot seem to unwind my brain and say ok this is what I need to do to step away from this craving/situation and do this and this until it subsides. I was told a craving will last for so long and it will subside. I just don't know. I am trying so hard this year for the holidays maybe I am driving myself crazy. I told my friend eat, drink and be merry. But she said they didn't tell you everything in moderation!!

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The more you take your exercise the more you'll experience the immediate lift of doing it and that becomes easier to talk yourself into doing it knowing that you'll feel the benefit. It's hard at the beginning but stick at it - this is the way to lifestyle change!!


You are doing really well 😊 The more often you get up and go to the gym, say no to unhealthy and unwelcome food, and feel joyful and positive, the more deeply ingrained these habits become 😊😊😊

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