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Eating in Portugal

Hey, so I will be spending some time in Portugal and was wondering if anyone could share with me some vegetarian meals that I can eat there? In Spain there are markets called mercados that have like a little separated area where you could eat prepared meals and I stumbled across many vegetarian meals there, are there such institutions in Portugal and especially Lisbon?I'm also counting my calories so any information on traditional meals and their calorie count are welcome, especially regarding the desserts and which ones from them are lighter? Also, are there any restaurants besides international fast food chains that have their calories listed?

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Hello flyingunicorn 😊

I can't really help with regards to vegetarian food in particular, but can say that we found the food in Portugal to be generally very good, freshly prepared and lots of salads and vegetables. Eggs and cheese readily available.

Lisbon is a great city, VERY hilly so you will burn off loads of calories!! Lol 😊

Have a lovely time 😊


Although I have never personally been to Portugal myself, my Nan and dad are from Lisbon and they always make this cabbage soup which they tell me is something that is very common in Portugal and can be bought. It is made of dark cabbage, potatoes, carrots, onion, salt and garlic and is gorgeous. The only bad item in it is salt and it is one of my favourite foods that my Nan makes.


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