End of week 4 tomorrow but I think I will re-do week 3 and 4 if allowed?

So last 2 weeks have proved that if I don't take time to plan properly it is incredibly difficult and my weight loss is minimal. Last week I thought oh its ok I will do better this week and read NHS week 3 and 4 and do their principles together, I think it is looking at excercise and avoiding workplace temptations.

Workplace temptation was ok but could be better. I managed to bring home a lemon drizzle cake from the children in need cake stall! 😐 I only had 2 pieces!

Exercise definitely needs to improve and I shall be thinking about how I can increase exercise at home as I don't go to the gym and it is so dark after work.

Anyway the planning in advance is key, as I am still struggling to count calories and need to master my fitness pal or other method to make this a firm habit.

Weigh in tomorrow will be me re-starting week 3 as I am a perfectionist and want to do this journey well and to the best of my ability. It is just going to take me longer than most but I am learning 😊


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4 Replies

  • You are making very positive changes and you are getting there..nobody can be perfect as life will always throw things in your way. :) you sound like you've got a good grip on things and your motivation is in the right place.

    I didn't have a good week 4/5 :) but I'm just going to continue on, as I know I will be doing the 12 week plan several times and I would never get to the end if I redid each week that went wrong lol :) it's whatever works best for you and I'm not saying don't redo your weeks or anything, just that you don't have to be perfect to succeed :)

  • Thank you for your reply. Yes I too will have to do this 12 week plan more than once so maybe I should just carry on while my motivation and determination is in the right place. I will give this some more thought. Thanks again 😊

  • Hi Dora,

    It takes as long as it takes - if you feel you need to go back and re-do something that is fine; it means you are analysing what you are doing and looking for ways to improve and that is excellent. Don't beat yourself up over slipping - spotting the slipping and saying I can do better is the way to go.

    Adding more exercise into your homelife is perfectly possible. I try to remember if I'm watching the telly in the evening to get up every ad-break and walk up and down stairs once or twice. A friend of mine plays music and dances while cleaning her teeth or waiting for the kettle/a saucepan to boil, or the microwave to ping.

    Planning your meals is really helpful. If you have a freezer you can find a number of recipes you like, devote a day a month to batch cooking them and store them, eg, I make a vat of Weight Watchers chilli stored in double portions in freezer boxes, make 4 2-portion WW lasagne and the same of WW fish pie stored in silicone loaf tins, and possibly another 1 or 2 meals that my husband and I both liked. These were then frozen and just needed to be taken out the night before they were to be eaten, and bunged in the oven or microwave the next evening. Lasagne and fish pie were a meal within themselves - with the chilli I would add a bag of microwave rice or some pasta for my husband and have some courgetti or boodles for myself. If you have enough meals batch cooked you can have a different meal every night, but not have to worry about buying the food and cooking it, with all the temptations of the shop around you. There is some initial outlay for the boxes and the silicon loaf tins, but I did find this made my life much much easier from the dieting perspective.

    Good luck with getting a handle on all this stuff. Most importantly, be kind to yourself. You can do this and everyone here is willing you to succeed.

  • Thank you for your reply. You are absolutely right analysing and reacting to the slipping is a good skill to keep going. I'd never thought of it like this.

    I love your idea of prepping lots of meals for the freezer. I have lots of ww recipes which is why I'm struggling with the counting calories. I've been a ww for nearly 18 years so it takes time to change. I keep thinking should I go back to points or carry on with calories?

    You sound very organised and I thank you for your advice. 😊

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