Friday weigh in

Still 12.11st. Actually relieved I didn't go up this week. Feels more difficult to stick to healthy eating plan with the lead up to Christmas. The dog is becoming more reluctant to go for a long walk as I don't think he likes the cold so will have to think of a new exercise regime. Will do a big rethink in the new year but for now, here's to maintaining! I hope everyone else's week is going well ☺


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7 Replies

  • I think there are many people who find it more difficult in the run up to Christmas and the cold weather. 😕 But I try to compensate by making lots of comforting soups and stews, and also do an indoor walking video (Lesley Sansome my favourite) when the weather is bad.

    I've been stuck for a while weight wise, so I'm working hard trying to lose a few more kilos before Christmas 😊

    Onwards and downwards 😊😊😊

  • Good luck with the weight loss. Soups and stews sounds good. It's horrible being hungry and cold. Yes I should try and go for it before Xmas too, you have spurred me on! ☺ thank you!

  • Hi Juliet,

    That a fantastic result in my book😀. I'm with the dog re the weather it is really hard to get up and these last few days 🐾🐾

    I'm down 5Ib so have lost most of my ' Benidorm beef' as I called it to Mr F !!

    Here's to another positive week


  • Well done. That's really good going. Here's to another loss next week ☺

  • I feel just like your dog! I knew this would happen as I'm really not very good at winters, but I did take the precaution of joining the local gym this summer in preparation for cold, rainy days and it has been wonderful. If it is raining cats and dogs (if you'll pardon the pun) I jump in the car and head for the gym. Best thing I ever did, although given the choice I would still rather be outside.

    I wonder if your little dog would be happier going out if he or she wore a coat. My westie had one when he got older and I think it really helped him when he got a little too old for running about to keep warm x

  • Thanks, he's a Norfolk and not very keen on his coat! He was really ill over the summer so I am really careful with him now. He's much better though!

    Re gym. I used to be a member but not much time with work to go now so I time the walks around the school run. I need to keep it up somehow though. Not walking without my dog though. Maybe do a run or swim! Well done with your gym visits though ☺

  • It is difficult sometimes to fit things in around a busy life. My hubby is trying to lose a bit of weight too so we often go for walks together rather than watch telly when we have a bit of time off. I really miss having a dog; my lovely westie lived to an amazing age of 21 years but we have never had another as we have 2 very elderly cats and I think a puppy bouncing around them wouldn't go down too well! x

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