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Thanksgiving exercise mini challenge

Thanksgiving exercise mini challenge

Jumping saves time...

Mountain walking is my favourite, although coastal walks can be fab too.

My mother has arthritis, and hasn't been able to join me in the mountains since my teens. Now it's called a stop to her skiing too. So I have lot of personal thanks that I am not in that situation yet.

Needless to say, I don't have this kind of confidence anymore...!

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WOW LOFTERS!!!!!! Fandabedozy! What a heroic thing to do! I take off my hat to you!

This is a fantastic picture and thank you for sharing it with us! :)

Sorry to hear about your Mum's arthritis, but I bet she's so proud of your abilities, then and now :)


Wow! That is one stunning photo. You must have been ultra fit👏👏👏


Hi Lofters,

This entry is great!!! Striding out there - jumping high!!!

Lowcal :-)


Now this is an action shot! Great jumping, Lofters :)

I judge this an extraordinary activity - jumping across rocks. Not something I see everyday.

3000 bonus points :)


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