Diagnosed pre-diabetic by GP at beginning of September. Took very welcome advice from this forum. Started a regime - don't do diets! A free blood sugar test at Lloyds Pharmacy yesterday indicated a blood sugar reading well into "normal" range. I have managed to lose 16lbs. I set myself a goal of getting my BMI into healthy range by Christmas Day. This means I need to lose another 6lbs so I think I will be ok. The journey so far has introduced me to the delights of cauliflower rice and Spiralized Courgetes! I don't calorie count as such but just "note" what I eat. I have cut out or cut right down on bread, rice, pasta and potatoes but do not buy or use "low fat" dairy products as they contain very strange thickening agents! A little un-processed fat is essential. So, chaps, we can do it just as well as the lovely ladies! It's a great feeling when you have to take the belt up another notch and the Sunday Jacket will actually button up again.


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9 Replies

  • Hi Robert that's fantastic 😀

  • Wow well done. I'm hoping I can lose weight and I'm already inspired reading your blog

  • Hi. Thanks for replies and words of encouragement. What I didn't mention that the exercise part of the regime is a e-bay purchased (£48) York XC 530 cross trainer which allows for walk and pedal even in this current rubbish weather.

  • Very well done! Excellent weight loss and I like your thinking, no diets!!! 😊😊😊

  • Nice post, some of us do need a frame work of cals to guide us tho, well in my case it suits me!

  • Hi Diana. Thanks for reply. I agree ref cal counting. We all different and need a regime that suits us otherwise we fall by the wayside.! I believe that if we we have the correct mindset and will power we are 50% of the way! 😀

  • I am so pleased that your hard work has paid off. You are a great example of how changes in lifestyle can make a real difference to your health. Looking forward to seeing you with a healthy BMI by Christmas.

  • RobertR65, it makes me so happy to see people such as yourself that make the changes that give demonstrable improvements to health, even though we don't know each other from Adam.

    Well done! I trust you are finding it enjoyable.

    The natural fat will become more important when you reach the body composition you are content with (or to keep the weight-loss happening).

  • Congratulations on all your hard work and I am glad you have had fantastic results. Xx

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