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a mindfulness milestone

I'm down to 13st exactly this morning so have lost 7lbs to date. It's going slowly but the right way. Healthier eating, slightly smaller portions, more exercise is having an effect. Hoping to get into the frame of mind where I need to be in to maintain this progress.

The activity level is key, for me.

i remember when my husband and I were building our own extension, about 10 years ago, and we did all the labouring and some of the construction work ourselves to save money. We literally could not eat enough. We ate as much as we could and whatever we wanted. It really is about calories in and calories burnt.

But now I'm not anywhere near that energy consumption I know I have to be smarter about what quality of calories I'm consuming. If I have a Magnum or some other extra like that it's going to take me a couple of hours walking to get back where I was, before I even start to get working on the excess weight I'm carrying.

I walked almost two hours yesterday and that was enough for me, couldn't have done more. When I got back to the car there was literally steam rising off me!

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Congratulations for losing that first 7lbs, Topster, that's amazing and qualifies you for a badge, should you wish one :)

Mindfulness is what it's all about, if we really think about the consequence of what we eat, then we're always in control and able to moderate our behaviour.

Well done for doing that mega walk, how about joining the Kilometre Zero challenge and joining others who can see the benefits to be gained by exercising?

Keep up the great work and good luck with all your goals :)

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It's a funny thing how much harder we need to work to burn off 100 calories isn't it? I've always been 'round' but in my younger days I never sat still and seem to keep my weight stable (ish) 😕 Having made the mental connection between calories in and burnt via exercise makes me much more careful about what I eat 😊

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yeah, very easy to consume 100 calories, very hard to burn them off !


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