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working half way through


I am actually on my 4th day. last night I had to relax myself and not stress out and what I ate today right or wrong or life stuff which is not really not important to think about that leads to sugar. The next couple of days of this first week are going to be crucial that perfectism does not get in my way of thinking and exercising to get in my way of first week towards making myself healthy. And I am going for a walk today aiming on goal on walking.

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Changing your routine and eating habits takes time, don't stress over it just make little changes each day / week

I have food in the house that I should not eat, but I am not going to waste it so will incorporate it into the week's plan and just make sure when I go shopping I am watching what I actually purchase

Take it slowly as healthy eating will be a way of life in a few weeks time and become so much easier - exercising will also become a way of life :)

All the best on your journey :)

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Thank-you very much. I can be all or nothing. I have to learn to relax and take things slowly and make small changes and goals this needs to be a life time journey and throw perfectism out the door. one day at a time.


Well done on another successful day 😊 Each day is another tick in the box 😊😊😊

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