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45 sleeps till Xmas

Well I am sitting here checking out my Christmas off duty and counting how many more nights to go until Christmas . I am just adding my Christmas social occasions to my diary and thinking about my stratergies to have fun but not to many pounds !

So where I have meals booked in restaurants I am going to pre choose my meals so that I am not led astray at the last min, I'm ordering first so I don't change my mind , and I am not sitting near the bread! I will be having lime and soda between the glasses of wine and will be sensible before I go out so that I don't arrive at the restaurant starving .

At work I will take healthy snacks so I don't demolish the roses , and at home will make some scrummy home made dips , buy light pop corn , and nock up some low cal puddings so that I don't feel left out . I will also make sure I get all my lovely runs in

I think I defiantly do have to plan for Christmas .

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Hi Mollydex,

Great to hear you've started planning for Christmas, as pre-planning is key to success in many ways, and you have some great ideas there.

Lowcal :-)

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All sounding like excellent plans!! It's coming around really fast isn't it? 😊


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