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Day 3

Completed second c25k this evening. Now I'm getting to know the lingo 😜. What I should perhaps admit to is this;

I'm trying to follow the NHS guidance on fitness - 30 mins, 5 times a week. I started a toning thing on YouTube yesterday and couldn't get through 5 minutes! Im being kind to myself though as it is only day 3 and I going for the whole lifestyle change thingy. It's the trying that counts, isn't it??!!

On the whole, I feel much better already so I've just got to stick to it. I weigh 10st 4 and I just want to get down to where I feel myself again.

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Goodness me Tracey, give yourself a break, we all have to start somewhere! :)

Baby steps is the way to go, or you'll hurt yourself, or sicken yourself, neither of which is a good outcome! :)

Do what you can do and increase gradually, you'll be surprised just how quickly you improve :)

You could always join the Kilometre Zero challenge, if you wanted a bit of extra motivation :)

Keep up the great work and have FUN! :)

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I started out very unfit and only able to walk short distances, so I did 10 minutes 3 times a day, it soon builds up 😊

I have an activity tracker which is really motivating too 😊


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