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Hello 14's!!!/ End of WK2

As of today, for the first time in my entire life that I can remember, I am in the 14st bracket!!! Hooray!!

I got so close to it at SW and then I just stalled for weeks and months at 15.2/15.4 and it was only when I stopped SW and decided to try the NHS 12 week plan that I started to lose again. Last week I was 15St 0.4lbs and as of today I am 14st 12.0lbs! I'm so excited! :)

I AM going to ruin it a little a week today as it's boyfriends birthday which means big 3 course meal but it's just one day so I'll be extremely vigilant the rest of the week and hopefully it won't be too detrimental!

I'm so happy!

Also I am slowly learning to hula hoop and as a result my entire body feels bruised and achey! but I wouldn't have lost so much without it this week as it made up a large majority of my physical activity :) i was also so excited when I finally managed five seconds of hooping I told everyone I know :p

I hope everyone else is having a fantastic Friday! :)

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You've got that Friday feeling. Fantastic achievement. Onwards and downwards. Xx

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Congrats Kinbun. I agree with slimpickings your happiness is a little infectious! Photo of hula hoop in action please, if poss :D have a great weekend :) 💫


It's amazing the impact of a change in a few numbers isn't it?! Well done for persisting and breaking that barrier and have a great weekend!! 😀


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