This is an excellent app. When you use the dairy and add foods you can scan barcodes and calculate your foods. I have always used weight watchers but needed a change and signed up last week to the nhd12 week plan. Through the form I found this app and find it always scans unlike the weight watchers which tends to be very hit and miss. We also went to the Trafford centre yesterday for some retail therapy and had lunch out in LA Tasca, no problem for this app. I was able to find and record my lunch accurately enabling me to stay within my calories for the day !


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  • I agree, the app that comes with my tracker is nowhere near as good as MFP. When I first tried it 6 months ago it seemed a bit of a faff and I went back to pen&paper, but tried it again about 3 months ago and I love it now, and it gets quicker to log because it remembers your regular foods. Love the fact you can record and save recipes too. Just one word of caution, because it uses details recorded by other people just double check you choose the right option from the list that comes up, Ive found one or two things were people have made big mistakes. love that you can record all sorts of exercise too and it breaks down nutrients for you.

  • Would't be without MFP. I have a Jawbone fitness/food/sleep tracker all great except for the tracking food element, it may just me not getting to grips with the measurements used. I have linked MFP and Jawbone, so my calories and food nutriants and weight can be read on both. Also exercise calories gained on Jawbone is also transferred across to MFP.

  • Ditto fitbit

  • I'm using MyFitnessPal, which is a good tool, but I have a question. When I add the exercise I'm doing, it adds the calories I've burnt to my target calories for the day. For example, if my target is 1,400 calories, but I do 30 mins of running and burn 300 cals, it tells me I can eat 1,700 cals. Is this right or should I stick to the 1,400 cals?

  • I suppose it's up to you. Some people think that you should increase your food intake if doing more exercise, others don't'eat' all the calories they've earned and may loose weight about faster!

    Or you could do about of both. I sometimes eat them.

  • Depends on the activity level you chose when it calculated your daily allowance. If it already incorporated vigorous exercise say three days a week, then only extra exercise should add to your allowance

  • Interesting, therefore when initially setting up you would need to say that you don't do any exercise in order to use use extra calories earned from exercise?

  • If you go to settings you can elect to include exercise calories or not . . generally better to get used to eating the lower amount if you can, and just think of exercise as a bonus .

    I found this became more relevant when I got to maintenance, as now Im more used to eating less and not dependent on exercise to keep the weight off.

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