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I am Spanish but live in Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK, xx

I do live in the UK but go home a couple of times a year to visit my family and friends there.

My neck is not excellent and aerobic workout is really a pain..., jjjj

Any workout....

I suppose that this is a frame of mind I need to change to succeed, really.

So I will start dieting first, and then when I feel desperate because no more Kilos can be shed, I will not have another option than do something with myself, moving about a bit more...

My goal is loose half or a pound in the first week and then carry on steadily.

Thanks again for your support.


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Hi Sole,

Regarding exercises, there are some great resources here, it's called the NHS Fitness Studio:


But of course, be careful with your neck, and maybe consult with your GP about what exercises might be beneficial to you.

Lowcal :-)

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Hello again Sole_1 😊

I also struggle with many exercises due to arthritis 😕 But any gentle moving or stretching exercises are good, something like yoga or Pilates 😊

I also highly recommend the Lesley Sansome walking videos on you-tube 😊

Just 10 or 15 minutes twice a day is an excellent start 😊 It really lifts the spirits too 😊

Good luck


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