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Weight loss while taking Olanzapine

Weight loss while taking Olanzapine


I'm new to this community.

I have come across this marvellous forum whilst on my way home from aquafit.

I have put on six stones on a medication called Olanzapine used in mental illnesses.

I have already lost over a stone and have kept it off for a year. Now I want to tackle the rest as I had a scare recently about a cancer that can be caused by obesity. Thankfully it was just that, a scare.

I feel blessed that I'm able to exercise and enjoy life.

My BMI is 35.5

Here's to the new me starting tomorrow Monday 3rd October 2016.

Mandy xxx

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Hi Amanda,

Welcome to the NHS Weight Loss Forum here on HealthUnlocked!

We hope that you'll like it here as it's a really inspirational, supportive and motivational place! :)

It's absolutely great that you've already lost a stone :)

I would like to point you in the direction of the 'Pinned Posts' section to the right of your screen (the bottom if you are using a mobile device), there you can find some of the challenges that are being run at the moment, some recipe ideas and other useful posts, including the "Welcome Newbies" post which contains lots of info for people just like you, Newbies!

Above that is the link to the NHS 12 Week Plan, have a look, and a read and see if it is something that you would like to follow! :P

The Monday Weigh In is run by Lowcal and moreless each Monday, that'll be posted at 06:30 tomorrow, a lot of us here use it to share our weights on a weekly basis and recieve support from other members. if you follow them, you can be notified when they post the weigh in, they are also the forum admins. The most recent weigh in, can be found in the "events" section of the homepage.

You can also find the "Topics" section to the right of your screen, there, posts are grouped together for easy locating.

Finally, all that remains is to wish you a great first week on the forum

Best wishes,

Rob :D

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Welcome! Well done for losing a stone. 👍Im at the start of my weight loss journey aswell. Xx

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