Green and Blacks - mmmmmmm!!!

I am the ultimate chocoholic and it can often be my downfall - yesterday I went into Asda and found Green and Blacks on special offer - I decided to test my will power and buy some deciding that if my consumption of chocolate is going to be limited then I will buy quality rather than quantity. Last night when I counted up after dinner I had over 400 calories to spare so used a good amount of it on 60g of G&B Butterscotch Milk Chocolate which came to just over half the 100g bar. I am so pleased with myself that firstly I measured it out, secondly the other part of the bar is sitting patiently in the fridge waiting for another day and thirdly I ate it slowly and savoured it rather than it not touching the sides! :)


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7 Replies

  • Well done Annabelle. I too am a chocoholic and have recently found I can have a Green and Black's mini bar if I need my fix in the evening. I never thought i could cut down but we are proof it can be done. X

  • Well done ☺

  • Hi and well done for measuring out and saving the rest.

    I too have been buying 70% dark chocolate tiny bars from Aldi also they do ones with sea salt in etc only about 140 calls a bar but to be honest I find dark chocolate sickly so I only have 1/2 a bar.

    I too savour every tiny piece and I think back to when I used to buy a bar of chocolate and just eat it so quickly I don't think it even touched the sides, makes me feel a right pig now 🐷🐷🐷

  • you must have self control..with me its all or the moment its nothing..if I even had a low cal hot chocolate it would set me off for days...scoffing that delicious sweet gooey yummy

    Actually I don't appreciate dark chocolate much..thank goodness..too bitter for me..but still praise where praise is go girl..and the others that can cut down without going cold turkey...

  • I'm the same, FARMERSUE find it really hard to have just a little, so you are not alone! I am getting better, can eat just a little piece of cheese now, but still find chocolate very addictive 😟

    Very well done Annabelle_Bebbs 😂

  • I've got a 100g bar of Lindt Excellence 90% cocoa solids bar at work. I've eaten 3 squares in 2 weeks and that is satisfying the chocolate craving. Keep going @Annabelle_Bebbs xx

  • And you too SportyGirl75 xx

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