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Day 2 Detox Diet

On day 2 of my detox diet. Feel fairly slim this morning, don't know how much I weigh though. I was going to go to the gym yesterday but my mum popped round un-expectantly so I cooked us dinner and we watched a film. I stuck to my guns when it came to the diet though- just had a big bowl of steamed green vegetables with a bit of butter and lemon for lunch, and then whilst I cooked my mum a pizza I cooked myself some pumpkin and spinach (just with a bit of stock, fresh garlic and herbs).

Wont know my weight until I can get to the gym, and I'm just not sure I can go today either. My house is an absolute tip! My fella was off all day Monday and he didn't do any housework (well he didn't wake up until like 2 or 3 in the afternoon) and then during the week I don't have much time to keep the place tidy. So instead of exercising i'll be staying home, tidying up, and making chutney (picked kilos and kilos of plums and apples at my mums house on sunday and if I don't cook em up now they'll go to waste). Will make it to the gym tomorrow.

Today I had a pomegranate green tea water thing for breakfast, having a normal cuppa now, then in 45mins i'll have my morning snack cereal bar. Lunch is crudité (raw peppers, carrots and cherry tomatoes), then dinner is going to be Mexican spiced courgettes and tomatoes. Veg veg and veg veg veg. I miss coffee a lot though- would anyone recommend any nice teas (other than the usual breakfast/ earl grey)?

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Hi CHEFMEL I love most fruit teas but my favourite is fennel. I have also been having a Tetley one called Boost supposed to give you that little bit more energy. Mint teas are lovely make you feel fresh. Glad you are coping with the detox.


Oooh yeah I love mint teas, have a nice Morrocan mint tea set and fresh mint in my herb garden, will have a cup of that when I get home me-thinks. I am getting on well with the detox I think-but around 4/5ish yesterday my stomach was hurting a little bit/ I was a bit bloated. Sometimes I wonder if i'm intolerant to anything. It wouldn't be wheat or dairy, but sometimes I think peppers make my stomach go a bit weird.

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Peppers are a nightshade which can cause inflammation in some people. Are you ok with tomatoes, potatoes, aubergines?


Hi chefmel

I use fruit tea only 2 calories either asdas own or other well known brands.

I tend to go for backberry lemon ginger flavours.


I like all fruit and herbal ones. I find the best for stomach calming for me are lemon and ginger or any variety of camomile.


Wow well done i would find it impossible just to eat veg like that!

I like redbush tea. It has a similar refreshing taste to normal tea but no caffeine, and is supposed to have lots health benefits. I normally have it with milk but am trying to eat less dairy to improve my skin, so am having it plain and its still nice.



Hey, yeah you know what I'm feeling amazing on this though. I do actually love vegetables and am very happy to sit there and eat bowls and bowls of the stuff. Ok, normally when I eat raw vegetables I'm dipping them into hummus, and normally when I eat veg they are with noodles or with chicken and rice or something, but I realise I just love vegetables on their own too. Its lush!

Oh redbush yeah ive tried that, but only the way my mother in law makes it- they are south African and it's called "rooibos" out there, and traditionally they serve it very milky with lots of sugar in it. With rusks to dip in :)


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