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We are all more than a number!

After reading today's lovely weigh in posts..............we are all more than numbers, in terms of weight, we have issues, addictions, are human, and thought food would solve stuff ...........how wrong we were, the quick fix, eh!

I know there are a few with medications that have had gains, and a few major losses.

We all dear serve to be loved, cared for, with the crap and junk we all suffer from in life, after my hormonal week last week, I'm glad my body serves me, and keeps me from being seriously unwell.

Hope this inspires you, where a loser, gainer or maintainer

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So true😉👍

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Very true, xx

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I'm finding a new respect for my body, that has carried me around for 55 years, coped with illness, produced three children and recovered from numerous injuries and recent surgery 😊 It deserves to be nourished and well cared for 😊 It deserves a trip out into the sunshine for an afternoon walk; it deserves some wholesome food; it deserves moisturising and pampering 😊 To quote the advert "because we are worth it" 😊❤️😊


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