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Taking it easy

Hi everybody,

I hope you are all well.

I am two kilos away from my goal weight. For a couple of weeks I started to notice that I cutting calories and being quite firm with my calorie allowance (not starving myself though around 1400). The problem is that my binges are back...so I decided to change the amount of calories to 1700 per day. I do exercise regularly so I am sure I will be fine. I cannot go back to binging it is an exhausting cycle...and I cannot do that to myself again. I am not sure why I am writing...maybe is the fact that I know that I am not on this boat on my own. xx

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Hi Maria,

Wow, you're so close now to your goal weight. You are definitely not alone in this boat, we are all alongside you - it's great to write about how things are going, and it's good that you're ensuring you eat sufficient calories, and having a healthy balance - plus some regular exercise too.

Ensuring you don't get hungry definitely will help with regulating your appetite, and I'd like to wish you success in losing those final 2 kgs.

Have a great week Maria.

Lowcal :-)


I think sometimes it's about knowing you're not alone. That other people have experienced (and overcome!) the same problems. Together we'll all get there so keep posting! :)

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Good idea to eat a little more 😊 Well done on coming to a sensible solution too 😊 Best wishes 😊

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