Eat less or More..........Help

Hi everyone,

Who is eating 1400 or more can you please update what is helping you,eating less or more.

According to my fitnesspal I should consume 1430 calories if I want to lose In in one week and my activity is moderate not high nor low.

NHS bmi calculator say 1627-2000 calories needed for my weight range.

I am confused about my eating. How much should I eat? 1400 calories ate for 4 weeks but no progress in weight though lost inches from my waist 2 inches! Which I was not aware of but now feeling excited.

After seeing no progress in weight accepted the advice that I will see if by increasing my calories work for me.

But feeling difficult to eat 1600 calories.

Yesterday I ate breakfast 2 brown bread slices with egg and mixed leaves with little catch up.

Snacks apple,banana,pistachios, sweet corn ,cucumber.

Lunch vegetable burger,and chicken roasted one piece.

Dinner again 2 slices of pizza

After eating all of this I was feeling I ate too much more than 1500 nearly 1600 calories.

What should I do ? Increase my calories or carry on for 1400 .

That I can see the results.



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12 Replies

  • Hi Awan,

    Personally, I would increase the calories so you're eating within the recommended range, as it does take account of your activity levels, and is given as a range to enable you to lose weight - so my recommendation would be to eat 1600 calories. Adding a few nuts, seeds, olive oil to your meals can really add some healthy calories without adding too much bulk, and is very delicious and satisfying. That's what I tend to do, although I admit I have no difficulty in eating quite a few calories daily!

    Good luck, with whatever you decide to do.

    Have a lovely weekend, it's nearly here!!! Enjoy Friday in the meantime!

    Lowcal :-)

  • OK thanks low cal,

    Moreless also advised me to increase calories till 1600. So I should increase my activity level may be. I will increase the intensity so.

    Have lovely weekend you too.

  • I would try 1600 for time being. I believe it's important to do strength exercises and try to build some muscle, so it's good if you could do squats, lunges, lift weights... And not forget cardio, for example 30 min rigorous exercise to get the heart rate up.

  • Thanks Tidi,

    for your opinion and advice. I will increase my strength exercises and continue 1600 calories as well.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  • You too, Awan, and take care.

  • Take care see you on Monday weigh in.

    Insha Allah.

  • .إن شاء الله

  • Yes, I would try and eat the lower range from the BMI calculator and maybe change your types of food a little. For instance you had bread and pizza dough on the same day, maybe add more fresh veg and salad. Do you like Greek or Skyr yoghurt to have with your fruit? Snack on humous and veg sticks perhaps? I also stayed the same for 3 weeks, so don't despair it will happen! Good luck!

  • Thanks Caz,

    For your encouragement and really good advice too.I never tried skyr before but started after reading that you like it and when I see it's really high in protein its my favourite now.

    I will try to eat less carbs as well yesterday pizza was not in my menu but husband brought it so didn't resist. But I will take hold from now.

    I will try humus as well how it tastes to me.

    Thanks have a lovely weekend.


  • Hope you have have a nice week end too!

  • Alli_Awan- I think perhaps you need to add some dairy into your menu - I manage to get one from yogurt (eaten with at least one piece of fruit so it feels like I'm having something substantial) and another from milk in my muesli or porridge. Also, like Caz said maybe more veggies with your meals. Mind I'd be doing cartwheels if I'd lost two inches off my waist - that's huge!

  • Thanks,

    I mostly eat porridge in breakfast with skimmed milk Ann seeds or fruits. And am still struggling toincrease vegetables but trying. Milk I love it .

    I will add more of these.

    Thanks and have lovely weekend.

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