Monday weigh in all's well

My weight today is 10st 11lb (1lb lost) though a brighter !0st 10lb was glimpsed on Friday. However it means I am still on target for August, so now September must maintain that and make 10st 10lb the norm for the month. Waist is 35ins down 1/2 an inch and family members have started to notice a pleasing feeling very positive. Thank you all for your continued support and best wishes for your own challenges

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  • Well done struggle, every pound off is a win :) Hope you have a successful September.


  • Thank you for your support . I'm feeling very positive and have just seen 10st 10lbs again this morning, so here goes for the September pound!

  • Hurrah and very well done. It's so nice to see yourself taking shape. Keep going!!!! X

  • Thank you Seuzan and well done you!

  • Have you seen the Autumn Equinox challenge? It might be the boost you need 😊

  • I haven't seen that. Is it part of this forum/nhs weight loss? All boosters are welcome:-) and thank you too.

  • Sorry, it's the winter solstice challenge now, it's starting soon 😊 Should be a pinned post (to the right of the screen, unless you are on a phone when pinned posts appear at the very bottom after you have scrolled right down) good luck!

  • Thank you for taking the trouble to answer. I'll definitely look it up

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