Not really sure what my body is doing ?

Well for the past 2 weeks I have been exercising 3 times a week as normal and have been good and keeping to 1500 calories a day and I felt great convincing myself that I must have lost a pound or 2 but am so disappointed not lost anything infact put on 1/2lb , my son has lost half a stone in his first 2 weeks which is great but I feel worse. Does anyone have any ideas ?? I do weights at the gym and love it but am now wondering if maybe that's not helping .If I had only lost 1 lb I would be pleased .:-( need some help.


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  • I feel your disappointment! is 1500 a day what was recommended for weight loss on the BMI calculator? are you weighing and recording everything, even milk in tea and coffee? If so, try changing what you eat a bit, a few less carbs, more veg perhaps, or more protein, just confusing the body can make a difference. If you are doing weights you could also be building muscle and losing fat. Stick with it and try and concentrate on healthy eating and I am sure the scales will oblige soon.

  • Thanks for the reply .I did wonder about changing my eating , I am veggie but have also cut out bread, cereal, and pasta , I eat usually different protein and veg, plus fruit and full fat greek yoghurt . I have lost since a started 5 months ago and did loose a stone initially but over the holidays put 4lb back on .I so want to get that back off. My clothes are loose and some are too big altogether .My body is changing shape slowly which is nice and people have commented its all the gym work I just wish the scales would move again.

  • you are obviously losing inches then 😊

  • Muscle weighs more than fat, so even if the scales aren't giving the results you're after have you measured yourself? I bet you're leaner and the inches are falling off...that's what I found anyway! Plus, muscle burns more calories than fat, so weights is a good exercise for that too. I think you're doing great but don't lose heart, you're doing really well. It's not all about the scales, how about how you're feeling? Are you fitter and healthier?

    I love that I feel fitter and I am so impressed with that that I'm focusing less on the scales as a result. :)

  • I have to say I feel fitter .I change my training programme monthly at the gym so my muscles don't get used to the exercises. I had wondered about a new target ,I am not a runner but do a little bit on the treadmill I am going to try and see how far I can run well jog before get out of breath and build on it , I think it might help me focus .

  • Good, you're doing really well. We're all supporting you and even if the scales don't show it your organs and the rest of your body are loving you for making healthy changes. :)

    Sazkia x ♥

  • Would really need to know your stats but muscle weighs more than fat. If your body is still changing then don't lose heart. Also if you do weights your muscles will become torn a little and when they repair the body tends to hold onto water weight too. I know a few weeks on the bounce of the scales not loving you can get you down but you will start to see it move again. Stick to the right calories on the bmi checker and you'll get over the hump. Remember muscles take time to repair. I like weights too and this little saying is good; Muscles are torn in the gym, fed in the kitchen and built in bed. So do make sure you are getting enought sleep too x x x

  • I've never heard "Muscles are torn in the gym, fed in the kitchen and built in bed." I really like it though! ;)

  • I used to love going. Might be able to get back into it now they've given me 50% off at the leisure centre lol

  • Lucky you , actually mine not too expensive and a go at quiet times so not having to fight off all the young bods.

  • Used to enjoy being on the weight machines that the body builders used too watching them get upset coz I could lift more weight than them hehehehehe. Evil lol

  • LOL am not quite there yet , but working on it.

  • Yeah, I like that too 😊

  • Oh sleep , well probably not getting enough usually 5 hours am staying up late not tired but am up early with dogs ,mmm will try to go to bed earlier as I am bad for nodding off on sofa as everyone else is in bed 9.30pm

  • Defo get your sleep in. It's vital x x

  • Mike Mentzer didn't agree with that. Muscles can suffer micro-tearing yes, but the increase in weight comes from the added glycogen that holds water in the muscles to increase strength as an adaptation to intense exercise.

    Unless regaining muscle that was once held, increases in muscle weight are unlikely to be measured on a weekly basis.

  • Must be an old saying then coz I've heard that since I was a kid lol

  • The best advice I can give is never let a single weigh-in upset you! Have you tried one of my famous maintenance breaks dish70?

  • No never tried one

  • It involves eating more natural fat for a week or two each month to maintain weight. This replaces the fat you attempt to 'burn' from your body-fat reserves, plus you get the beneficial vitamins and minerals. This prevents your body sensing it is starving and trying to conserve energy.

    After the break(s) you can resume the weight-loss plan again.

  • Is that a meal plan on here?

  • The 12 week plan?

    The real food plan

  • Longish video, but hopefully helpful. Amongst the questions covered were what to do when weight loss stops (plateaus) and why women's weigh-ins should be looked at from longer period of time.

  • Morning, I am the same. I am stuck. I do the 5:2 diet and keep to what I feel is a healthy diet the rest of the week. I also cut out bread and potatoes and pasta and rice since I got back from Italy on 11/8. I haven't lost anything, I also have three kids and run around them all day and I do my own excersise. What am I doing wrong????

  • I wouldn't worry. I was 5 weeks before I lost an ounce but it has been slow but steady ever since.

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