How can this be?

Just weighed myself after peeing and before drinking or eating anything and I've put on 1kg. How on earth can this happen? I am walking and exercising more than I've ever done and eating 99% healthy foods with only one treat a day, no chocolate or sweets drinking at least 8 glasses of water also. and am really trying hard to lose weight and be healthier. What's the point if I'm just gaining. I tried the scales in different places and rooms so it's not those. At a total loss of what to do, x

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  • Have you measured yourself round your waist, hips etc? Some weeks you will gain. Muscle weighs more than fat. Don't lose heart. It doesn't matter what the scale says. Are you feeling fitter and healthier? If so you are doing the right things. You body will catch up eventually. I know it's hard when this happens but keep going x x x

  • How long was it since you weighed before? Your body weight can vary by several pounds in a day, this is why you should only weigh once a week on the same scales and at the same time of day.

    One gain does not mean you are failing. Keep with it and you will see the results in time

  • I totally agree with the above posts. My weight hardly ever truly reflects the positive effects of my changing body shape. I am here for the long haul with about 4 stone to lose,

  • Well I disagree happy scale records my averages, after daily weigh ins, better to me it seems

  • You are very lucky then. Most peoples weight varies by anything up to 4lb in the course of a day, so the averages could be strangely effected.

  • My weight still varies, I get a weekly average, which seems better to me

  • If that's what works for you xx personally I would rather track it weekly to see how I am doing

  • I got frustrated with it being too much of a variable weekly

  • But to me that is what I want to see, a weekly weight loss (hopefully) while I was losing weight and now that I have reached my target I like to just monitor my weight weekly to ensure I stay within a pound or so of my desired weight. Weighin daily just seems to be a bit obsessive. But as I said, each to their own and if it works for you so be it

  • Maintaining takes getting used to, hopefully your habits have re adjusted to heslthy ones.

    I like things clear cut and in control, for most of the time

  • It is so hard to 'unsee' a weight gain on the scale. Try to channel all your hopelessness into reaffirming your commitment to sticking to your healthy ways.

    Just whatever you do, don't chuck the diet or give up! True character is built by continuing even if your think you have failed.

  • Because you are keeping yourself well hydrated, which is a good thing, you are not simply losing water and thinking that it is your body mass decreasing. Keep going, measure out your food and keep exercising. You will see the results. Xx

  • Ok panic over. I hear what you are all saying and it all makes sense now. Had a bit of a panic so measured my waist and I've lost half an inch so I'm very pleased with that. Sorry I lost it there, phew I'm so glad I've not got any chocolate in the house because I know I would have binged on it. Thank you all for keeping me on track (again!) X

  • aw! I love this forum. Good luck Bobbivee and congratulations on the waist shrinkage!

  • Don't worry, we all panic occasionally, even those of us that are always trying to be so positive have dark days. :) Keep up the good work and WELL DONE!

    Sazkia x

  • Thank you x

  • Dont feel down, a gain can be something very simple. Have you been weighing all your food? If you just eyeball or go by packet portions you may have eaten more calories than you realise.

  • I have trouble eating all my calories so I know it can't be that. I have lost half an inch off my waist so I'm not to upset now. A few months ago I would have thrown in the towel but thanks to this site I am still with the programme! Xx thanks x

  • Are these the healthy foods you eat?

    Enjoy everything you eat, then you won't need unhealthy 'treats', and will want to stick with any changes because you won't be making sacrifices.

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