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Cheeky weigh in & a battle with the scales!! >:|

Well, after putting on 2.4 lbs over last week (went from 201.8lbs to 204.2), I couldn't resist a mid-week weigh in this morning, and delighted to see that I have lost 2.2lbs, taking me back to being closer to under 200lbs!

Now, this didn't come frustration free this morning. I have a set of digital scales - I like them, they can do the whole body fat and BMI stuff if you enter your details. Well, when I first stepped on them, it had said I was 214lbs and I was like no fudging way have I gained 10lbs in the space of 4 days!! So I started moving them around my room, like I usually have to... Well I jumped between from being 190 - 220, of which I know both are wrong (though I would totally love to be the 190!)

So, I moved the bathroom - tiles, I thought, sturdy, floor wont move etc - well the numbers still kept coming up different.

There are also 2 other scales in the bathroom (not mine, my uncle and aunt's), a set of WW digital ones and just a random set of normal dial like ones.

So I lined them all up on a tile each AND I GOT 3 DIFFERENT WEIGHTS! My scales put me at the 202lbs (14st 4lbs), the WW ones put me at 14st 7.5lbs and the old scales put me at 13st 13lbs.

Swear to god I must have looked like a loon arguing with myself in the nud with 3 sets of scales this morning!

I knew it too unrealistic to go with the dial scales (though I would have loved to be under 14st, I know I'm sadly not) So, because the WW wouldn't change unit to lbs, I went with the one my scales gave me.

Please tell me other people have this problem with their scales and I am not alone in this struggle to get an actual weight - I usually have to weigh myself like 5 times and take the number that comes up the most often.

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😊 all scales seem to weigh differently! To get a true reflection of weight loss/ gain, put your scales on a hard even floor ( not carpet) and leave them there all the time, they don't like being moved around. Weigh yourself once a week and you should get an accurate reading.

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Remember those numbers are only a guide - your healthy food choices and added activity will soon show when your waistbands get loose, your watch does up on another hole, your shoe size can even get smaller!

Don't worry too much about the figures on the dial - try and use the same scales at the same time of day for a little encouragement when you see the figures drop; more importantly, the scales that really matter are the ones you use to weigh out your portion sizes!


Same here. There are 2 sets of scales in our house, an old one and a newer one. I weigh differently on them, so I use the new one for recording what I weigh as it shows the least weight. Even so, it makes a difference whether its on carpet or wooden floor. I just like to keep the lowest figure it will possibly give me.


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