Am I doing it wrong


I haven't really written anything down or counted my calories since back from my holidays, but I have had no bread, pAsta, potato or rice for a week. I haven't had sweets or chocolate like I normally do, no cakes or biscuits either. I have had ice cream though.

I have done excersise each day, swimming, weights and walking.

I will eventually introduce carbs, it's just a bit of a cut down since eating lots on holiday.

I am worried I might not lose any weight this week by not counting calories, it's just a bit hectic in school holidays to have my head focused on everything, but I guess it's no excuse.

What's your opinion? Would love the advise and any ideas. Many thank your


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5 Replies

  • It's difficult to concentrate on your needs during the school hols, kids and their needs have to come first. Don't put yourself under lots of pressure, just have a great time with them as they do grow up so quickly 😃

    In the meantime, try to concentrate on eating healthily and not worry about counting calories. Time enough when they go back to school 😄

    Good luck 🍀

    Mouse 🐭

  • I have an app on my phone for counting cals. It's time consuming at first but once you get into the swing of it can take a matter of seconds. Maybe something to consider when you've got a bit more time so busy times are easy to manage x x x

  • Counting calories won't make you lose weight, eating less calories than you normally do will. It's good if you can do it but just by eating healthy food choices and doing more exercise is going to be better for you. I think losing weight is not the whole picture, it's about getting healthier and fitter. I use to focus intensely on the scales but I'm working on reducing that. It's a hang up and doesn't help me diet for longer. Seeing results does though and I've taken to measuring myself with a tape and I am seeing loads of results from that! Maybe this is something you could try to help you become more motivated as the weeks progress?

    Sazkia x

  • It sounds to me as if you've done a terrific job this week and I'd be very surprised if you weren't rewarded on the scales :) I think if you carry on as you have been and DON'T stress, then everything will be just fine :)

    Keep up the great work! :)

  • Everyone has given you great advice. If you are still concerned about the calories, could you work out what you will be eating the night before when the kids are in bed? I have three children and have to do this so that I don't slip up. It also means that I know what needs to come out of the freezer etc. Xx

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