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hi im chezzie a newbie

hello everyone im a 46 yrs old and im 26st yes you heard it right 2 years ago i lost 7stone i then lost a very good friend with no warning which i then saw comfort in food my weight then went up and up im not going to say im ashamed of my weight im still a person inside with fellings i want to be heathly and i want to be half this size so i can live life and enjoy it i want to sort my food out first get back into the rythm off eating 3 meals not snacking m not a greedy person i nimble and miss out meals sometimes and i really need breakfast and dinner ideas as we do not get long for our meals at work i do have salads i love them but can be boring after having them all week and any ideas for night shits would be great thankyou for listening to me and i hope you can help we on this long journey love and hugs to you all x x ((((hugs)))))

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Hi chunkiechez,


It sounds like it's been a rough time for you, but you sound ready to make changes for your health and your plan sounds a good one. It's all about making small changes and moving more😃

Have a look at the ' Pinned posts' section and if you fancy joining the Monday weigh in with Zest , moreless and the gang then do.

You will find loads of inspiration and motivation, and I look forward to catching up on you journey.


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Car,nt beat 3 types of berrys and yogurt over them 4 brecky


thankyou will try this



I was 29st 55 weeks ago, just over 20st now - it is do able :)

This forum is a great place for support, inspiration and determination! I hope you'll settle in very easily!

Take a look at the Welcome Newbie post in the pinned post section to the right of this thread for some tricks and tips to get you started :)

The Monday Group Weigh-In is currently going on, so feel free to go and do your first weigh in there now - a great way to get started :) You can find it in the events section on the forum homepage.

There is also many challenges currently being run on the forum, many of them can also be found in the 'pinned post' section to your right :) There, you will also find the recipe thread.

It is also good to set yourself mini targets to reach on the way to your main one :)

I hope that you have a great first week - keep us updated of your progress.

Rob :D


thankyou for making me feel welcome will hve a look on the boards later x x

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Hi chunkiechez68 and welcome 😆

RobLandsdown91 and flossie358 have both given you some fantastic advice which i cant really add too.

Just wanted to wish you luck with your journey ... youve made the hard first step the rest should be (as we say) onwards and downwards 👍

Get involved with the forum and keep us posted 😀

Good luck. Claire x


Hi Chunkiechez68, Sounds like you've had a tough couple of years, it's great that you've found this forum - It's already motivating me loads, I've also got a lot of weight to lose. You've lost weight before, so believe in yourself that you can do it again. My advice is PLAN PLAN PLAN what you are going to eat in advance. I like to know the day before what I will be eating the following day, so I can make sure i have all the ingredients. I have a wholemeal salad roll, and fruit and yoghurt for lunch - It is very portable! I also take another piece of fruit and grapes to work, so I am not tempted by the 5.00pm munchies on the way home. Hoping we can all support each other - Good luck for your journey. xxx


hi everyone hope you all ok well what can i say i turned my back for a while have been working loads and no this is not an excuse (ok yes it is did not want to start it then was not ready ) and then 3 weeks ago i ended up in hospital with a busted abscesses but instead of going out in busted inside me on my booby mmmm not nice at all was on 2 weeks leave from work 2 my luck but in a way its done me a favour gave me a wake up call i needed no it got nothing to do with my weight they said but i feel if i needed surgery i could have been risky and then to have some people who was meant to be looking after you talk about you saying wow you would have thought she would have done something about her weight before she got that big is not the experience i ever want to go through again and i broke down because of that i have reason and bloody good ones why i put weight on but not that its got anything to do with them i will never ever treat anyone like that ever or judge anyway with the help of his forum and me breaking down at my drs who i can say is brill im going to be seeing a health trainer who will look at the full circle of my life and where i fall and i know its the crap i east instead off planning im takeaway and chocolate when im down none in the house now so cant have it i go next tuesday so i will come in let you know what i weigh and what happens im going to join the monday weigh in and im going to think about batch cooking to and like you all said plan a head that is true when im at work i struggle with lunch and im not a jacket potatoes person and i am trying to cut out the bread i have a bad relationship with it thankyou for having me here x x x x x x

P.S. sneaked on the scales just now ohh my i have put on 10lbs through emotional eaten but one thig is i will go back on that ward and say thanks in a sarcastic way would not have minded but when i complained she said might not be on about you i said they should not be speaking about anyone x x

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hi everyone well the breast front its still painful and i think there is infection coming back :( so im going to keep my eye on this i started my healthy eating today i wanted the health trainer to what i ate not the new me who is going to choose the healthy option when i see my health like this i thought this is just the beginning of the downward circle and i thought to my self im 47 next month im not getting younger i have paid the slimming clubs and yes i have lost the weight but its keeping it off that's the problem and i have gone back and put the weight back on plus more and im not willing to do this anymore i want to this for the rest of my life not a quick fix i want to eat like everyone else but to train my mind to make healthy options so i pledge today 5th November 2017 i want to be 7stone lighter and if i lose more wow that would be amazing i will keep updated on here sometimes daily, weekly, monthly i am also going to put this on my facebook for my friends to see but i will have to word somethings different so not to upset some of my s.w friends as they will think i aiming it at them but im not this is for me

thankyou all in advance for the support


well im a very very happy girl weighed today 26st 8lbs 3lbs lost happy x x onwards and downwards x x


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