Lost the PLOT !!!

Okay .. I need encouragement and assistance ... I had a FANTASTIC weekend .... but fell into my old habits .... if it is not nailed down , is edible ... it is fair game .... SOOOOO... I dread to think what the scales will say ... I am hiding from them at the moment .... but will have to 'fess up on Friday ....

as my youngest would say I need to BRING IT BACK IN.

I have a plan of attack , have written a food plan.... which I REALLY need to stick to ,

but I just need a HUG from you all to say .... don't worry , it will be fine , you can do it , we are all there with you .... and we will beat you with a stick if you don't! ha ha ha ha ha

( a small stick ... okay a twig!)


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  • How about a Twiglet? You can do this - stick to that plan and when the sirensong of off-piste food comes calling, remember we are all rooting for you and believing in you, so don't let us or yourself down.

    You will win through - now go out there and do it!

  • thank you purple face !! I WILL succeed .... I will be that toothless budgie !! ha ha ha ... so far so good ... but I have the small (24 year old small!) person to take back to the train... and I have already been conned into buying lunch.... need blinkers for off-piste food me thinks

  • Where are you eating? Probably heading for soup or a salad is the light alternative.

    My husband, a couple of friends and I went to a plant sale yesterday. This involved coffee and a sticky bun as an essential part of the proceedings. So I sent my hubby, with instructions to get me a latte, into the queue whilst I found us a table and sat at it. The other three returned, each with a drink and a sticky bun, and I enjoyed my latte. Not having looked at the array of cakes on offer made them less of a temptation, and close up they looked less inspiring than en masse behind the glass. I found that a latte was treat enough, and I didn't feel cheated.

    Good luck!

  • Here's a thought sf, if friday is your official weighing day, how about joining the monday group weigh-in with us, so that you're kept accountable twice in a week? That way, there's no going overboard at the weekend, without having to "fess up" on a monday :) Here's the link


    You can do it and we can help :)

  • that is a REALLY good idea .... double accountability ... AND not being able to ....

    " ah poof, weigh day is miles away yet " over the weekend . I shall sign up forth with , and toute suite!

  • Excellent! I'll see you there! :)

  • Join the club I had a horrendous food weekend , but am back on it today so stick with the plan you can do this x

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