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Morning losers. Hows your weekend going?

Good morning losers

Well it's 630am and I am up. Sunday for us running losers is LSD....

''Finally drugs'' I hear you say. Well not really as LSD stands for ''long slow distance'' where we run at a slow pace for a long time. That way we get time on our feet exercising for several hours but without stressing out the body meaning that we can exercise soon afterwards. If you go out long and 'hard' then it can take days for the body to recover.

What are you losers up to in order to shift a few extra calories this weekend and not smut on here you smutty smutters you......

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Hi. I've just done my first week. I too have loads to loose. I find it really good. I'm doing the NHS 12 week plan. I have my weigh in tomorrow. Though I had a sneaky one this morning and lost an incredible 9lb. I have downloaded the app "my fitness pal" where you log everything you eat throughout the day. It gives you the cals for the food. One piece of advice WEIGH everything as eye judgement is not enough. I haven't been to the gym yet all I do is walk. Poor dog goes out more now than her little legs can take. Only 10-20mins in morning and evening but it's a start. I also walk 20mins to work and home. I also walk around at work to do I'm nearly at the recommended step of 10000 a day. it maybe small steps but I'm happy so far. First target is nearly achieved then I'll set another.


Wow kazzy, 9lbs is brilliant! I hope we'll see you at the weigh-in tomorrow! :)

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Hahaha thank you. You will. Although after Sunday dinner today I probably will stay the same. I'm not that bothered though as I will continue and hopefully a few more pounds will be off next weigh in 😎

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I know what you mean about the sunday dinners! I started holding mine over to eat on monday, but had my roast yesterday this weekend, in the hope of monday not being quite as disastrous! :D

I shall keep my fingers crossed that your sunday dinner doesn't scupper you weigh-in and look forward to seeing you tomorrow :)


Hi loser Kazzysb

Just one note. Please remember, if you've ever seen the biggest loser, they often stall at week two or three after huge weight losses. If this happens then don't get disheartened and carry on regardless. Walking is a sure fire way of shifting those extra calories. Make sure that when you do walk that you can hear yourself breathing. That is the correct speed to burn fat as a fuel and that in turn will turn your body into a fat burning furness....


Good morning dadtoad, I've done a 13K run this morning and it took me 2hrs and 9 mins! Definitely comes under the long, slow distance title! :D :D Keeping my fingers crossed that it'll help shift my holiday weight! :)

If the weather stays fine, I may go raspberry picking later, to clock up a few extra K's and get a yummy, healthy dessert to boot :)

Wishing you a fab day :)


Hi loser moreless

Great work there. Just make sure that when you do go running, if you cannot hold a full conversation then you are going too fast.

Why I hear you ask.....go on.......say it.........

Well here's the science bit. If you go at that speed, then your body builds capillery beds which carry blood to your muscles and it also builds mitrochondria which carries the fuel to the muscles. If you go faster then this essential work doesn't happen and other physiological things happen so slow is best. Youll find over time as weight shifts and you get fitter, you'll be able to go faster yet still hold a full conversation.....


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