Does cycling help the upper body..... I wonder:)

Hi fellow losers,

Woke up this morning, got on the scale and sadly it did not move a bit to the downside, just sat there on the same weight that it was on Thursday:( Not to worry, as Freddy said: It's a beautiful day, the sun is shining......

We got our tandem out and went for a wonderful ride again. Today I think everyone in our vicinity is out cycling as we met up with young and old, fat and thin, all just having fun getting around on their bikes. Summer really is a wonderful time of the year. So while we are happily cycling along, I was wondering whether cycling helped with the upper body or whether this is only good for the legs? I am not a gym person, but I do like swimming, so perhaps that will do the trick with the other pieces of the body:) So swimming is definitely on the cards next week!

I am going to stay strong with the calorie intake and perhaps by the Monday weigh in time I will have lost a little to contribute the total.

Have a wonderful weekend all


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8 Replies

  • HI Mammou,

    Well done on your cycling, and your idea to do some swimming sounds great too.

    I saw an article which looks interesting regarding some exercises for cyclists, so wondered what you think of it?

    Lowcal :-)

  • HiLowcal, I will definitely have a look at it and come back to you on my thoughts:)

  • Lowcal,

    Now at least I know my thinking at the back of the tandem is a good thing:) I have just read the articel and it makes PERFECT sense. Even though I am not what you would call a professional cyclist, I think this would be a great idea for all of us when getting on our bikes. I think I will start doing some of these exercises... not as well and as long as the model in the article.. but to the best of my ability:) It cannot do any harm and might even improve my cycling.. you never know:)

    Thank you for this advice, you are very kind to share the information

    Have a good time


  • Hi Mamma,

    Glad it was helpful. :-)

    Lowcal :-)

  • Hi Mammou, Cylcing is good for all the muscle groups because if you exercise one major muscle group then all the others contribute to some extent. I am into windsurfing ( just restarted after 20 year lay off) and all the instructors recommend cycling and yoga for core muscle exercise. It has to be said that all the advice I have had is it is diet that rules in terms of weight loss exercise for general health. Example if I run on a tread mill for an hour (by run I mean a me level run) then I burn 350 calories. That's the same as a bacon sandwich. So don't eat the bacon sandwich I say. Also I have started a 5:1 diet and lost 2 kilos in 2 weeks which is good for me as I was stationary for my weight. Good Luck

  • Hi Robmoto, Wow, windsurfing you say.... I am impressed. Also your2Kg in 2 weeks. I have now lost 14Kg so far and still need another 10Kg. I had to reboot my diet after hubby and myself went on a 5week cycling tour in France and ate whatever our eyes saw and the heart desired:) Thanks for your thoughts on the matter and I do agree that it must help with all the muscles if you are into serious racing. I only but hope that at my level of cycling (my age as well:)) on the back of a tandem will also do some of that:) I found the article that Local advised me to read very interesting and informing as well. If you are interested, it is:

    Your 5:1 diet.. is that where you fast on few cals on on day and eat normaly on 5?

    Hope the sun is out and the wind favourable on your sails

  • Sorry its a 5:2 diet that is that you use 400 calories for two non consecutive days and then eat sensibly for the other 5. For men the restriction is 500 calories for two non consecutive days. I hope that helps but you can find all the info on the web. Also I use myfitnesspal which is a very useful tool and acts as a calorie/exercise diary.

  • Tks for explaining, just thought it was another way of doing the 5:2 diet :) I tried that and it worked for a bit, and now I am on the normal NHS Calorie restricted one which works better in the household.

    Have a good week.


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