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Enjoying the sunshine

Hello hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather and not too hot for you

I'm feeling so positive for continuing to lose weight I was very good at the bbq on Sat and I had a wonderful moment when someone asked me if I'd lost weight !! I did get tempted with the strawberry pavlova but it had been brought and made especially so would have been rude to say no wouldn't it 😆😆😆

Have been in pain as I had to do a little bit of walking not far but it did hurt although I was relieved that the receptionist had told me it said "no further action"on my results I did worry that I'd be left to get on with it and just keep being given painkillers Well today my results arrived in the post I think she must have been looking at the wrong persons as I have to go for further tests and have injections I've got fluid around the hip joint and may have to have it drained So it's a big relief that they are going to help me more and I might be better soon

Was very good yesterday as my daughter in law made the tea for the cricket club and there were leftovers to be eaten and I resisted was very hard as sitting in my deckchair and nibbling would have been very nice they were some lovely sandwiches,sausage rolls and cake oooooh 😇

Have a lovely rest of the day 😎😎😎😎

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I am so glad you have light at the end of the tunnel about your hip a little less to worry about. The weather is lovely at the moment and you did well to pass on the nibbles. Glad you are feeling happier Onwards and Downwards for us I think. Virtual flowers coming your way💐


Awww thank you Yes I can see light at the end of the tunnel at last and my walks again It's beautiful today its a long time coming Did you see Johns garden he posted today what a transformation

Hope you are having a lovely sunny day x


Yes it was amazing he has worked so hard now it's time for him to enjoy it. It has been really hot here, my poor 2 doggies have been panting. I put the paddling pool out for them but only one of them braved it😊🌞 It is supposed to be even hotter tomorrow!


Yes I saw his garden he has worked so hard, now is the time for him to enjoy it. It has been really hot here I put the paddling pool out for my 2 dogs as they were panting but only 1 braved it 🐕 It is supposed to be even hotter tomorrow! 🌞


Oh phew I know it's crazy last week it was chilly Oh how lovely to have the paddling pool out for your dogs We got our sons dog again this week we put the sprinkler on and he loved running in and out His garden was a real labour of love

Night night x

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I'm very proud of you Cat33 to resist strawberry pavlova is practically impossible. I'm sorry to hear of your hip pain and hope you have relief from it soon.

Back to the food resisting now! again no picking at the leftovers, what a strong person you are, well done👏👏


Thanks it was very hard to resist but I have to do it for my sons wedding or I shall regret it when I see the photos won't I 😂

I'm sorry to hear you have had a tough time with your husband being ill and do hope he is well on the mend soon

I noticed in your reply to Johns garden this morning you live in Stratford upon Avon you lucky thing it's so beautiful all around there We have booked into the Premier Inn near Birmigham airport for a Saturday night and visit all the lovely places on the way up and back down

Thanks for your words about my hip pain I shall be so grateful when it goes and won't take things for granted health is the most important thing isn't it

Enjoy the rest of the day 😎


Thank you, my husband had his first venture on his own in to Stratford on the bus today, I stayed at home for him to call if it was too much and went to pick him up. He's doing ok but further tests needed. We are very lucky where we live a village just between Stratford and Leamington Spa so the best of both worlds.

I'm glad you had a lovely stay in Birmingham I love it there too.

When is your sons wedding, you are right when you are 'the mother' there's no hiding place in the photos but I'm sure you'll be fine and enjoy every minute of it.

Have a lovely rest of the day. ☀️


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