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Day 1 Completed

Morning all.

Yesterday was my first day here. I received loads of fantastic messages of encouragement, many many thanks to you all.

I know it's only been 1 day, but managed to log all my food and consumed 1150 calories, so I feel pretty good. The old saying of " Any long journey starts with the first step" feels pretty relevant.

Cheers me dears


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Keep at it Dave good luck


It's true it is that first step, first week that is the hardest, like riding a bike once the wheels start moving it gets easier to carry on your journey.

Glad you are so positive that is the way to be Onwards and Downwards as they say.

Just a thought though have you checked your calorie allowance on the BMI checker for your age, weight, height and activity levels at present? 1150 is very low you might be selling yourself short and actually have more calories to play with. Don't forget you will probably be increasing your activity now as well.

Brilliant start anyway Dave those lbs will soon be banished forever👍😊 Bev


Many thanks for your reply. I haven't used the BMI checker, I'll give it a go.

I've been using MyFitnessPal App to keep a check of what I eat, and it was the App that set my daily calories to 1200. I agree there is not a lot to play with.


I haven't used my fitness app so I cannot offer advice on this but I know there are many people on here who use it so hopefully someone will post an answer to you.

I used the BMI checker at the start and it said 1400-1700 calories so I am trying to stick to 1400 ( which I am 99% of the time) when I did SW and WW it was 1200 but with no exercise so I figure 1400 will be ok for me.

Men's caLorie allowance is usually a little higher than a woman's anyway. I use my fit bit to log food count steps and I love it but there are many others just as good my daughter has just bought a jaw bone off amazon on offer and she loves that as it also tells her what she is lacking in her diet.

Good luck Bev

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Hi, pleased your first day went well. I would also recommend you use the BMI calculator to make sure of your calorie allowance, and also have a look at the eatwell plate to make sure you are eating enough of each food group. If you get hungry or tired that's when we reach for the junk food! Good luck!


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