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Hi there

Hi there, I'm new to this and about to begin this weight loss journey. Lost a lot 25 years ago and it's back with a vengence. I also have an auto-immune disease which means that I fatigue easily and can't do as much as I would like. Going to use my fitness pal and the guide but am not sure if 1400 will be low enought to lose weight. Anyway, here goes.....

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Good luck Bbs65. I am on about 1400 cals per day and lose 1lb a week on average (I have fallen off the wagon a couple of times but then quickly got back on again). I have lost 10lbs so far and am feeling better for it.

I think you just have to give it a go and then refine things as you go along as you get to know how your body / metabolism responds.

There are some good earlier posts about how you actually need to make sure that you eat enough (so that your body doesn't go into starvation mode) it is nice to know that you don't have to deprive yourself of food - just plan it and eat well and healthily.

I think one of the fab 4 will respond to your post soon and will explain about the various challenges and weigh in day.

Good luck, it is fun and will hopefully help you to re-gain your health.

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Hello and good luck 😊 Extra health issues can make weight loss more difficult but still achievable 😊 This is a great forum, very friendly. Best wishes

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Yeey , glad you are on the journey . I am just started too ! ... we will be both slimmer veterans in no time !!!! ha ha ha ha .... keep us up to date !!

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Hi, if you aren't sure about your calorie allowance, you can check it here


on the BMI calculator, it has an option to put in your level of activity for accuracy.

If you need extra motivation why not join in one of the challenges (links on right hand side of newsfeed) I'm doing the Autumn Equinox one at the moment which is running for 11 weeks.

Good luck!


Not autoimmune, but chronic illness...I suffer from ME. A suggestion is that you might find some resistance/anaerobic work more palatable than aerobic when you're not feeling great. Also, you're in one place...home is best...stability ball and dumbbells or similar...so you can quit if you need to, not be a hero with a relapse!

The added benefits are that you can have an effective workout in a short time and it will increase your lean muscle mass and strength which will in turn increase your basal metabolism and thus burn more fat at rest...quids in.

Drop me a line if you need any more help.



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