This weeks plans

this is the start of week 2 for me. im not following the nhs diet thing as i dont like being told what to do (im such a child) but my plans are as follows. Im going to make some absolutely delicious homecooked meals. im going to sit up at the table for meals and turn the tv off. im going to serve my food piled high on a small plate. on tuesday its child 3's birthday. i have to bake a cake. i shall have a maximum of 2 slices. one on the day and one to take to work the following night. i have 3 nightshifts this week so i shall continue with not taking energy juice and taking lots of nice fruit to eat. I aim to get a pedometer, my knees hurt too much to excercise in any strenuous (sp?) way but i can walk. and i think making sure i do 10k steps every 24 hours is a good start to ensuring i move a bit more.

i had a weight loss this week as posted on the weigh in thread (5lb) so thats a jolly start. but for me its all about fitting into clothes better. im a shallow person and despite other mutterances from me about my health getting into my very pretty dresses etc is a massive part of me wanting to lose weight.

much love xxx

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  • All sounds good to me - I struggle with planning at best of times so well done to you! !

  • Well done on 5lb loss👍😊 I am posting every 2 weeks from now as I can get obsessive with the scales and I have a lot to lose so don't want to get down about it if I don't loose one week. I have noticed since loosing weight my knees and ankles don't hurt as much in fact very little and I have lost a stone at last weigh in last week. I just wondered if you feel any better for cutting out the red bull drinks I have never even had one but have heard how bad they can be and wondered if you feel better for it. You are doing brill to cope with night shifts etc so keep going you will soon notice a difference with the knees I'm sure😊 Bev

  • If I'm being completely honest I don't feel any benefit for not drinking the energy juice. But I know they are calorie laden so I will keep away. Plus I'm permanently tachycardic, my heart rate is always 100+ so lots of caffeine isn't the best idea. The night shifts are a killer. By the end of them when I wale up and need to make tea after that last one I never have the energy to even defrost something healthy. I need a different job. Or to win the lottery!

  • My son works 2 night shifts in 6 on rota and it's worst when he has to stay extra really messes with the body clock. It must be hard when you have kids ( he hasn't yet ) they don't understand how tired you are especially if they are little. Could you plonk something in the slow cooker when you get in so it is ready for tea time? Also do you like fruit/herbal teas ? no caffeine in them.

  • not keen on the fruity teas... they taste a bit sawdusty to me! re work... i get so tired that by the end oof it i get a bit OTT and hysterical! I only get 3-4 hours sleep between shifts, ive been doing this for 3 years since i had the last baby and tbh im ready to stop now. its not much fun any more. im quite a light hearted gal so its a sure sign somethings going wrong when i get all unhappy. the slow cooker idea is a good one as it goes. i used to use the slow cooker all the time but for some reason ive not used it in ages. time to dust it off and make use of it again!

  • Great to hear of your first week success 😊 And also your sensible and achievable plans for the week 😊 Good luck !

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