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Advice that helped me stay on track

Hi Everyone,

October 2015 I made a decision enough was enough time to lose the fat. I joined the gym but the food was failing me. Gym manager put myfitnesspal app on my food great help.

Then I fell upon this site and over a short period of time this advice helped me get to where I'am now.

Weak, not weak just human. It takes months to get your mind trained to ignore the bad food. I can now go down the chocolate/biscuit/crisp/cake section to buy my husbands stuff and not bother myself. Not saying once in a while I don't have the odd biscuit just not the whole pack.

If you have a weak day tomorrow just work harder.

Never say 'I can't eat that' you will want it more, so every Thursday when I have my Uncle for tea I take him to the cake shop and also treat myself but only if I fancy it.

When you fancy something look at the cals/ carbs and fat then wonder what you could have instead for less. You will be amazed how quick your mind works out and does it automatic.

Use this site the people are amazing. Big thank you.

Good luck to all.


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Some really good advice there, and very glad you have turned things around 😊 Well done


Great post Gottodothis. Great advice :)


You are on the ball I need to be more informed about what exercise equates to calories used.


Hi Wendy I am so pleased you are feeling fantastic and you are right I think you do start to think differently and make better choices when on the 12 week plan, for me this is the first time I haven't struggled so much to stick to reducing food ( not diet ) as it is a change of mindset. Good luck keep on the good work.👍⭐️


Super post...looked at your other posts and the pictures are remarkable you now look 10 years younger! Keep posting some of us need all the encouragement we can muster.


that is true jennyfer. I can use some encouragement. thanks to you gottodothis.I was feeling really bummed out yesterday and ate all day with no calorie counting at all. I am determined to eat healthier today and even exercise more today. I did manage to get a short walk in yesterday and some rather aerobic housework done. but was beating myself up for the sweet cakes I ate instead of letting myself have a day where I went oops and went on about my life. thanks for the encouragement all of you!


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