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Calorie placement

Hi folks,

I have been looking at my calorie intake for the day and generally my major calories for the day are eaten at dinner. Any exercise I do in the day has been done by then. For instance my breakfast and lunch calories combined are roughly 800 - 1000, leaving me 1300 - 1500 which I use for dinner. As I travel along this journey I am adjusting myself to new ways of approaching how I look at food. I now take quite a few snacks to work as well as my breakfast and lunch and I eat at regular intervals throughout the day. Small but often tends to be my approach now. Snacks include things like fruit, low fat yogurt, mini pretzels, soreen lunchbox malt loaf etc.

My question really is should I be trying to eat the majority of my calories before dinner and eat a smaller evening meal or doesn't it matter as long as I'm not going over my daily calorie intake.



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Hi Kenny,

Some people like to have their evening meal or last snack of the evening earlier, to allow themselves a greater 'fasting window' before their breakfasts, but essentially I don't think it really matters too much when you eat your calories. It's down to personal preference and what works best for you.

But maybe others will have different views, and I am glad you've asked the question.

Personally I try not to eat anything late at night, and I prefer to eat my evening meal about 5.30pm to 6pm ish. I like to ensure I don't eat anything after about 8pm, and that works well for me.

Your approach seems to be suiting you well - and I hope you have a great week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


I tend to save roughly 500 for dinner, which seems to work for me, maintaining, (ok back on track for me this week, 1lb gain) is roughly 1700 cals, losing is under 1500 , I tend to divide my day into 5 bits, 3 meals and 2 snacks roughly 100 cals , the little bits tend to add up!

I try not to eat too early in the day ,often up at 4am, when I'm off work, it tends to take planning, and try not to eat after 7pm, plenty of fluids too, herbal tea,coffee and water for me.

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I prefer to eat a light breakfast and lunch and a large evening meal and it seems to work OK for me.


It really doesn't matter when you eat your calories as long as you are under your calorie goal you'll lose weight.

Saying that I do prefer not to eat after 7pm but that's purely preference!


I read something on this just yesterday. I'm not sure if I'm ok to post a link so feel free to take it down Zest or any administrator muscleandstrengthpyramids.c...

Basically though it's saying that the most important thing is calorie in/calorie out, for most of us, ensuring we are in a calorie deficit. Once that's right you could next look at macros (protien/carb/fat percentages) and, when they're right, micros (vitamins and mineral balance). Only then do they suggest timing may be important.

So, basically, (within reason e.g. not eating any protein isn't going to be good) calories deficit is the bee all and end all, everything else is a bonus ;-) So, whatever works for you, just keep within your calorie allowance.

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