Friday weigh in

Last week 12.7st, this week 12.8st! Eek that shouldn't have happened but I have been aware that last weekend was a heavy weekend food wise with lots of wrong choices. My husband warned me he put in half a stone over the weekend so will kerb it in this weekend and hope for a better result next Friday. Really need to try and get into the 111's before we hit the beach! I hope everyone else's week is going well ☺


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8 Replies

  • Hi Juliet,

    At least you are aware of where that extra pound has come from, as you had a heavy weekend food wise with some choices you'd rather not have made. You did much better than your husband, who gained half a stone - one pound is minimal compared to that! But it will hopefully come off again soon, now you're back on track again, and best of luck to get into the 11's before you hit the beach - I like your typo that says the 111's, and I know you don't mean that! :-)

    Have a great weekend.

    Lowcal :-)

  • Thanks Lowcal, yes hoping for a loss next week. Finding I am very weak at weekends, abit of a new habit. Congrats on your weight loss, sounds like you are doing really well ☺

  • Hi Juliet,

    Bummer eh !! At least you know how it happened and what needs to be done to get it off 😃. I've had a terrible week eating wise and up 3 and a 1/2Ib !!! Was not going to weigh but then thought no, be accountable so.......... onward and downward !!!

    Enjoy your weekend


  • Me too. Very tempted not to weigh in but the glory of this website makes me! Anyway I am sure our gain will reverse soon. Here's to next week's weigh in ☺

  • Oh well juliet444 it's not too bad. I gained 2lb last week and was told not to beat myself up about it. So I'm going to lose that this week, hopefully, I'll look out to see if you've lost your 1lb as well.

    Sounds like your husband had a good weekend though 😂

  • Yes we had fish and chips and curry! Not at the same time! My husband weighed night after. I am sure I probably was well over too. Hoping for a loss on Friday. Watch this space! 🙂

  • Only 1lb gain with a heavy weekend and lots of bad choices sounds like a bit of a result to me! I've had a less good week this week, bit of a bash at the weekend with family and a busy work week with reduced morning exercises so its doubling of effort next week and hoping if I've gained it is much nearer your gain than your hubbies! We're not hitting our beach until October, the sea is warmer don't you know :-) so I have some flex built into my program. Good luck with next week, sure you'll lose the 1lb and more :-)

  • Thank you. I think of it as a lifestyle change so not every week will be good. Anyway yes let's hope for a loss next week! ☺

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