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Advice re scales......what do you use?

So am thinking of buying some new scales for bathroom that calculate body fat too..... I have a Fitbit so was thinking the Aria scales to sync with that.... But not sure if they are worth the extra money.....😁

I never trust the reviews in shopping sites so thought I would ask my friends on her if anyone can recommend some scales....... Is anyone using the Aria? Is it worth it to sync with my fit bit?

Really would like your thoughts thanks ...... Have a great week 😄

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I've got the Aria and if it's accuracy you're after - look elsewhere.

According to the Aria I'm 22% body fat. I wish! It's more like 30%!

The weight part of it seems to work fine and is reasonably accurate.

The Aria is a nifty bit of kit and yes, it probably looks better than most other bathroom scales - but like all modern items - has its downsides.

Also, the constant battery changing is annoying as you need to find the wifi again etc...

If it's looks and connectivity you're after, go for it. If you're looking for accuracy and easy use, go somewhere else.

I still have an old set of salter ones which seem more accurate on the % front and they also show water and muscle as % and I'm pretty sure they were half the price of the Aria!


Thanks foodie, it's not the looks I'm after. More the accuracy! I have such a small bathroom I have to put them away so they are not on display, think you have just confirmed what other reviews have said...

Thank you

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Hehe. You just created another problem as well. they don't like to be stored at an angel, so you'd need to re-calibrate them every time you use them by stepping on and off again 10 times or so...

I'd say there are better options for you out there. 😊

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I have these, although mine came in black!


They're not fancy ones but they do everything I want from them.


Thank you 😀


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