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I love myfitnesspal!

Thanks so much to whoever recommended the app ( I wish there was a "threads I'm on" button so I can check).

I only started my attempt at healthy living a week ago. In my first post I said I was thinking of cutting out snacks and cutting down portions, because I couldn't face the faff of calorie counting. Somebody suggested downloading the myfitnesspal app and it's brilliant.

For the first time in my life, I've been weighing and measuring to make sure I have the right portion size. I have been shocked by how small some of the meals sometimes look, but even more shocked by the fact that they have been enough to fill me.

I've managed to cut out snacks and cut down meal sizes, but haven't been feeling hungry.

I thought that trying to exercise would be the hardest as I hated PE at school and never took up sports as an adult. I can't face going to the gym (too many slim, fit people!) or going out for a run, and can't seem to find the time for swimming. So I just dug out my wii fit.

Everytime I do an exercise I log it on myfitnesspal and I find it really motivating to see the calories I'm burning mounting up.

It's a bit hard to know how much weight I've lost in my first week, because we've found the scales give different readings in different places on the same floor. I can't be sure now what my starting weight was, but I'm going to assume it was right, go with the highest current weight that the scales are giving me and I think I've lost 6 pounds! I was aiming for 2 so really pleased. And I've definitely lost 2 inches off my waist.

I just hope I can keep this up!

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Well done - keep it up 😃


Hi cariad2 😀 myfitnesspal is amazing .. especially the bar code function. So easy and less time consuming. I used to write everything down but found in was obsessing about food and calories. But 2mins on myfitnesspal and it's done. Glad you've found your way and are enjoying your journey. Its great your starting to see rewards. Feels great !!!! Just to let you know if you click on any name it takes you to your post page (not technical term!?!) this shows all your posts and replies. As for those pesky scales make sure you put them in the same place each time so you can keep track better. Onwards and downwards. Claire x


Wow well done cariad2 :-)

I go and get weighed at boots which is great because their scales are so accurate. Not only does it give you your weight (in stones and KG's) but you also get your BMI and your ideal weight bracket. For instance I got my starting weight this week and apparently my ideal weight should be between 8 stone and 10 stone 10.

I tipped the scales at 14 stone 5 pounds on Tuesday so I have quite a bit to get off. It is only 50p each time you weigh yourself which I don't mind paying is I know that the weight I'm getting is accurate.

You get the weight slip to keep which I am going to clip into my food log book so can the results.


That sounds a good plan. I'm sure looking through the slips and seeing the weight coming off will be really motivating for you.


It certainly is :-)

Feeling motivated is sometimes the hardest part so this definitely helps.


Go you! Cariad2 very well done, I don't think any of us realised ( I know I didn't) how much help and advise there is till we joined this forum. The journey is not too bad after all. ⭐️


Well done you, I love my fitness pal xx

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Me too! It is like a little lifeline keeping me on track!

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I just downloaded it - thanks for the tip! Seems easy to use. I hope it will help me stay on track too. Amazing result, by the way! Well done.


It's fantastic isn't it. I recommend it all time. I'm certain without it, I couldn't have lost all the weight I have.

I took a break from healthy eating for a week last year, things were going on in my head and I thought I cant be bothered with MFP. I know how to eat healthy now as know almost what calories are in everything I eat after a year of use, so I'll not bother.

Well, I gained like mad! I'm quite sure once I'm at my goal weight I'll still be using MFP to maintain. Seeing it there helps me, because in my head, it just doesn't work!

My username is Osiris275 on there like on here, you can add me if you like! Having friends is a great motivation I've found.

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