The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it

So 19 days in and I’ve been really strict but today was problematic. Woke up early, too warm to go back to sleep so took the reluctant dog and me off for a dawn walk in the woods. One hour brisk exercise now safely in the bank, all going well. Shower and shave and off to work much earlier than usual. Feeling hungry on the drive in, curse myself for forgetting my one fruit a day that I normally eat (hands free of course!) on the way. Road closure takes me in a different route. From a long way off my eyes are drawn to the imposing and achingly attractive golden arches of Saint Ronaldo Maccydeesius and figure, what the heck. So in I go, bit of a queue so plenty of time to survey the vast menu of airbrushed breakfast choices. Place and pay for my order. 2 minutes later it’s mine! “Here you are sir your coffee” A delicious premium Roast McCafe, black and strong, like the Williams sisters! Get in!


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5 Replies

  • What fun! You had me worried there for a while! The golden Double Arches once set their stall up here in frontier country between Devon and Cornwall. Basically we all ignored them till they repacked their wagons and slipped away in the night. Result!

  • You did good :) I've never had the temptation of McDonald's as my nearest is 100 miles away! However I do love their food when I get the chance and I'm not so sure id be able to be as good as you!

  • Are you underestimating the detriment of caffeine?

  • Well done you for ignoring that unique smell from Macci Dee's. My downfall would be Mcflurry but I had one bought me on Sunday and gave it to my daughter yeah! easier than I thought. I must admit there are 2 of them near me but I drive past them quite easily most days.

  • Great story - great willpower :)

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